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Cumulative Rates of Breakthrough Events, July 30

By August 1, 2021Commentary

These are per capita rates, cumulated, of cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated, again available due to DD’s detective work.  The number of vaccinated goes up every week and so does the number of events.  The per capita rates change because both the numerator and denominator change.  Eventually the denominator will stabilize but the numerator will always grow, so keep that in mind.  The little gaps are data gaps, but the cumulative numbers are always correct.  You see that cases in the vaxed began shortly after the program started, rose rapidly as vaccinations increased, plateaued, rose again when vaccines hit the larger age cohorts and now have plateaued.  So much for Delta causing a surge, because vaccinations overall have slowed.  And hospitalizations and deaths are virtually nonexistent.

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