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Cumulative Look at the Epidemic, July 30

By August 1, 2021Commentary

I know, I know, I am barraging you with graphs, but this is how you keep track of what is really happening, not what the knuckleheaded experts tell you is happening.  This is a cumulative look through this week of the entire epidemic.  Cumulative cases by age group–predominantly in the young.  Hospital admissions mostly in the getting old and old.   Deaths, in the old and very old.  Hospitalization per case rates, also very slanted to the old.  Death case rate, very skewed to the very old.  Per capita case rate, again skews young, but some upturn among the very old.  Per capita hospital rate, moves steadily up with age and really rises among the old.  Per capita death rate, wow, look at that sharp skew at the extreme end of the age range.  How could anyone not see that this epidemic is only a big problem for the very old.  Amazingly bifurcated.  Proportion of events that each age group accounts for, just what you would expect given the earlier slides.

Thanks to DD.  Now you know everything I know about the shape of this epidemic.  These charts just jump out at you in regard to the age structure.  And if you see, which DD has occasionally put together, the animation of these charts week by week, that structure has been very consistent throughout.

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