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The CDC and DOH School Recommendations Are Just Absolutely Stupid

By July 29, 2021Commentary

You run out of words to describe the stupidity and cruelty of those who have arrogated to themselves the unilateral power to decide how our lives get lived.  Children have been the primary victim of these insipid and useless policies.  And today the DOH followed the CDC advice to make children miserable and make it impossible for them to have a good learning experience.  Why, because the IB, Little Timmy hisself, needs all the campaign contributions he can get from teachers, so he will sell our children for a few bucks a child.  He doesn’t give a good, or bad, shit about children and all his prattling on and on about how he is so concerned about their welfare is a blatant lie.  Judge him by his actions, not what he says, and he says a lot.

Telling people they have to be masked regardless of vaccination status has no basis in evidence.  The CDC could not come up with one piece of research to support that ludicrous approach.  Any teacher or staff person who is worried should get vaccinated.  Not one school-aged child has died in Minnesota and about zero have had serious illnesses.  And it is a great incentive for people to feel like why get vaccinated.

The DOH staff, both Jan and Kris, lied, lied, lied about Delta.  The data shows it is only slightly more transmissible, it has far less rates of serious illness, it does not make people more infectious, vaccinated or not.  They twist themselves into double pretzels trying to say Delta is dangerous but that it isn’t infecting large numbers of vaccinated people.  And I don’t know what research they are referring to to say that vaccinated people who get Delta have larger viral loads and are more infectious.  I have seen absolutely nothing to that effect.  Stop the terror.

There is no data to support the statements they make to the contrary.  Children should never be masked.  We need to stop torturing them, we need to give them a chance to live a normal life.  They are enduring record rates of mental illness and enduring record deficits in learning achievement.  This is an absolute and total disgrace.  Leave our children alone!!!

And it was clear that the staff is determined to rev up the general state of terror again, talking about minor rises in cases and hospitalizations as though it were the end of the world and doom is impending.  Lots of guilting, shaming, etc.  I can guarantee you, however, that the IB hisself, and Dems in general, have no appetite for another state of emergency, that would be the end of any re-election hopes.  So they will try to ride this out as best they can, and continue to not do the smartest thing they could, which is provide better data and better explanations to the public.

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  • Andy says:

    I believe the final decisions regarding mask use in school will be made by each school district. That should make for some interesting local district meetings coming up in early August.

  • Chuck says:

    Great comments Kevin!!! I know it is hard for you to endure these “press conferences”, but if there was anyway to itemize the lies these ladies tell. I was shocked to her some of the stupid things they were saying. I think one reporter tried to call them out, but it was weak.

    These ladies need to be fired! FIRED!

  • J. Thomas says:

    Don’t count on ‘better data and explanations’ from any of them. This means the loss of control, which is the hallmark of the political class of self appointed ‘rulers’. They know that the majority of the population in MN (and all other states) is, well, relatively stupid … as evidenced by the continued existence of network news and the growth of Facebook and Twitter, etc.. We have created, via the corruption and dummying down of educational expectations, an intellectual ghetto that was ripe for this elitist takeover. Hold on to you hats kids, we’re in for a wild ride for the next couple of decades.

    But on the bright side, in the next couple of decades an unchecked CCP will have replaced the US as the global security leader (thing reverse colonialization) and be in control of most of the developing county’s resources via the debt owed from their Belt & Road’ ‘development support’. My advise … brush up on your Mandarin Chinese !

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