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Late Night Flash

By July 29, 2021Commentary

Here, want to see how the CDC is as preoccupied with “messaging”, not facts, science or public health, just like our very own Department of Health. Go to this link.  The Washington Post of all places has gotten its hands on the internal CDC deck used to support the re-masking, even for vaccinated folks, decision.  I will examine and have comments, but take a look for yourself, you will find some interesting nuggets.  (CDC Deck)

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  • mmh says:

    Here we go again…lockdowns, mask mandates…school closures. I think it is time we stand up to this madness! When this occurs, we need a VERY large protest at Gov Timmy’s.

  • JS -Prior Lake MN says:

    Many of our political leaders are now saying that the unvaxed are causing additional variations/mutations to the virus, thereby keeping it alive and killing people.
    Is there any validity to their assertation?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I don’t think so, spreading mutations are a function of both replicaton opportunities, and suppression attempts. The more you suppress the more likely you are giving an evolutionary advantage to certain mutations.

  • David Eastwood says:

    And once again, hardly a mention of the substantial portion of the population who have acquired immunity through having COVID-19.

    Statistical malpractice should, at the very least, be a felony.

  • Richard Allison says:

    “The CDC has just pulled a classic media trick: turning the fear-mongering knob up to ’11’ by leaking an “internal report” that supports the official narrative (even making it look like the more moderate of two options) while laundering the source of the information by allowing a reputable news org to market the story as an “exclusive”.”

  • Ann in L.A. says:

    I’ve been looking for the stat they have on page 20 for mask effectiveness. It only helps the wearer 20-30%. I doubt it’s even that high, unless a symptomatic person is coughing in their face. I also wish they gave a reference for that statistic, but the whole document is light on references.

    Also can’t help but notice data out of the UK is sparse in the slide deck. It’s pretty clear from England’s biweekly technical briefing that the India strain has half the hospitalizations and a fifth of the deaths of the UK variant. Instead of looking at studies with n’s of 50, they could have referred to briefing 19 with an n of 200k+ Delta and another 150k+ of Alpha. Also, both India and UK saw their CFR drop when Delta rose over 90% of discovered cases.

    No talk about what is pretty obvious from every single case curve I’ve seen since the beginning: it rises over the course of about a month, then comes down just as fast. Every time politicians panic and start locking things down and ranting about the disobedient, the curve is already starting to slow down and reverse. Just when UK cases “surprised” experts by following that exact same curve yet again, US politicians once again act stupidly and shoot the whole country in the foot.

    Why basic case behavior is a surprise at this point in the pandemic is a serious question, which can likely be answered by assuming the “experts” are full of s…

  • dell in Minneapolis says:

    They’ve pulled out all their guns. CDC use of language is untrue and highly inflammatory.

    Something big is going on and it’s not about health.

  • J. Thomas says:

    JS, The phrase ‘political leader’ is the reason you seem to be confused by the situation we’re in. As soon as you divorce the concept of leadership from the political class, you’ll begin to understand the predicament the politicians have created for us. The sooner and faster this virus (if that’s what it is?) spreads through the population naturally, the faster we’re all going to get back to the F’d up “normal’ that the Dems have created for us. Please keep your head about you and become an evangelist for the Republican politicians in your circles. It’s the only way out …. we can’t VAX our way out of a political war.

  • dirtyjobsguy says:

    One of the leaked examples was a very high fraction of cases with breakthrough (of vaccination) in Provincetown/Barnstable county Massachusetts. For decades Provincetown (P-Town) has been the summer place to be in the Gay Community. Definitely known for an extreme lack of social distancing! Probably a fairly high number of people on HIV therapy drugs. Prior data on vaccines on people with HIV therapy showed pretty good antibody development but the sample sizes were pretty small. I’d be very doubtful if this data matched the broader population.

  • Don says:


    it was reported that there was a massive increase in gays in PTown for the July 4th holiday and “Bear” Week. The bars were packed. Considering the thousands of gays who were there for fun, frolic, and sex the fact there were only a few hospitalizations speaks wonders for the effectiveness of the vaccine.

  • Ted says:

    dirtyjobsguy – here is a news story that corroborates your observation –

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