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Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Anything the CDC Says

By July 28, 2021Commentary

The CDC has outdone itself in creating zero credibility at the most critical moment in its history.  People have completely lost confidence in the agency and it is contributing to the loss of faith in science.  And here is an example of why, courtesy Ianmsc on Twitter.  CDC constantly makes moronic pronouncements like this which prove to be embarrassingly wrong, time after time.  Just STFU.  Their pathetic communication skills now have people thinking vaccination is pointless, while at the same time they are trying to browbeat people into getting vaccinated.  Just give people complete and honest information about what is happening.

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  • James says:

    I think their statement on even vaxxed needing to mask is rooted in their quest for control or someone’s control, knowing that unvaxxed can get away without wearing a mask, thus they have lost control of that group. Asking that all folks mask gets control back.

  • Steve says:

    Government agencies have no credibility as long as the border is wide open and they send infected people streaming across the country. And they think Americans are going to comply with mask and shut down orders again! Good luck with that effort.

  • Patrick says:

    Unfortunately I believe the vast majority will comply with new mask mandates and businesses will comply and try to force compliance. Too many in our current society are sheep who believe anything the government decrees is in our best interest. They also listen to the media who only spew back whatever the gov’t says. I have a neighbor who actually said back in the spring something like, “I gotta hand it to Walz. His new policy for schools is all around flexibility for each district”. To say I was stunned was the understatement of the year.

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