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A Little More on the Damage to Children from the Epidemic Response

By July 19, 2021Commentary

I posted earlier on a very nice piece of work sent to me by DDL on deaths from CV-19 among school-aged children.  I should have added some other astounding things about that chart.  Look at the number of deaths in this group that are suicides.  There were 212 deaths in total and 37 were suicides, that is over 17% of all deaths in the group.  Now look how many were homicides, 26.  So 30% of all deaths of school-aged children were suicides or homicides.  And the homicides were likely mostly minority children, one area in which there is more than enough equity.  And I would strongly suspect that some deaths listed as accidental were actually drug or alcohol overdoses.  But yeah, we really care about our children and what we did to them during the epidemic.  Seen Walz or Ellison at any of those funerals for minority children who were homicide victims or suicides?  You haven’t and you won’t.  It doesn’t fit the systemic racism narrative, they have no answers or even attempts at answers for the suicides and homicides, and they are actually responsible for them.  We have to do better to protect our children’s mental health and to keep them safe from widespread criminal violence, especially in poor neighborhoods.  And we can start by booting those two clowns out of office.

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  • DJ says:

    The libs I know – and even some conservatives – are pretty happy with how the IB has handled the “pandemic” and will vote for him again. As for Ellison, they commonly shrug and say, “Well, I haven’t seen him do anything wrong”. But, of course, they aren’t looking either…

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