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Police and Crime

By July 13, 2021Commentary

I try to avoid this topic, but it is too obvious and serious to ignore.  Progressives  are morons.  Period.  End of Story.  Here is a story about how Minnesota police chiefs say they have never seen an epidemic of crime like we are experiencing now, especially gun violence.  Just baffling isn’t it.  I mean who would have thought that villainizing and prosecuting cops, driving many of them out of their departments, defunding their work and generally being completely unsupportive of the difficult jobs they have would have led to this.  Certainly progressives wouldn’t have, they have their heads up in the clouds (and up in a hole between their legs), and in the lovely suburbs where they live they avoid these problems, for now.  Must be great to be able to make up bullshit policies that don’t affect you but  are deadly  to minorities and poor people.  (Minn. Story)   And if you think that gangs and drug cartels aren’t supporting these policies and providing money to politicians and groups who support neutering the police, you are delusional.

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  • Val Reed says:

    The violence is already moving to the suburbs. I’m sure you’re aware of the baseball coach that was shot and killed last week in Plymouth. No shortage of progressives there, but I’m sure they won’t connect the dots.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Interesting how the ‘new’ platform for local politicians who are wining races, both Dem’s and Rep’s, is based on improving the police forces. I hope the existing cast of Dem characters, installed by the technocrats’, goes down in history as the most racist bunch of criminals to every pass through the system. Glimmers of hope on the horizon …

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