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Yes, of Course Masks Cause No Problems for Children

By July 1, 2021Commentary

THIS IS A BIG DEAL.  Despite every effort by the liars who run our country and our supposedly honest scientific, medical and public health community to tell us that masks work to stop community spread and that they have no bad effects, the evidence is clear that that is not at all true.  And here is a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association giving strong proof of harmful effects on children.  (JAMA Article)   JAMA has generally  been more than willing to go along with the terror campaign, so I assume this study is so overwhelming they felt they couldn’t ignore it.   This is a randomized control trial, the gold standard.  It is peer reviewed.   It had to be done in Germany because researchers in the US engage in a vast conspiracy (not right wing in this case, Hilary, but left-wing) not to do any research that might undermine the ideological, not scientific, messages of the government or the public health establishment.  You must wear 8 masks at all times no matter what, vaccinated or not vaccinated, indoors or out, with  people or alone, especially alone.  I strongly  recommend that people who fall for this crap wear masks made of saran wrap, several layers wound tightly around the head.  I guarantee you won’t get infected, and you won’t infect the rest of us with your lunacy any more.

In the atmosphere at ground level CO2 (that’s right, that nasty global warming gas that isn’t) has a concentration of only 0.04%.  The German government considers a level of .2% too high for human health and safety.  Excessive levels of CO2 lead to variety of health problems, including death in extreme cases.  Cognitive impairment is common, so that really helps with school.   (Since our fearless leaders wear masks when making up their stupid epidemic policies, maybe CO2 cognitive impairment is to blame.)  CO2 levels in inhaled air were measured with and without two kinds of common masks.  The concentration of CO2 in inhaled air when wearing a mask was in all cases above the recommended safety level.  The lowest, that’s right, the lowest level measured was .6, or three times the safety limit.  The authors obvious conclusion was that children should not be wearing masks.

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