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What Is Happening With Unvaccinated Minnesotans

By June 26, 2021Commentary

DD does a tremendous job of attempting to show what case, hospitalization and death rates look like on a per capita basis among those Minnesotans who remain unvaccinated.  Have to estimate because the state, in its infinite lack of wisdom, doesn’t give this kind of breakout.   And be useful to know in each age group how many people may also have infection based immunity.  I suspect almost all cases now are among those who were never infected and aren’t vaccinated.

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  • Matt says:

    Would be very helpful to know if the testing protocol varies by vaccinated vs. not. For example, are most major systems using higher CT PCR thresholds for unvaccinated than not? When getting a procedure (inpatient or outpatient) are most systems still requiring testing of vaccinated patients before hand?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I have not seen any information suggesting that the tests are being done differently, I have seen research finding that vaccinated people when infected have lower viral loads. I believe most health providers are still requiring testing before procedures.

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