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Another Great Chart on Masking’s Value

By June 26, 2021Commentary

More from Ianmsc on Twitter.  Sweden gets destroyed for its approach to the epidemic and Germany gets praised.  Note the phenomenal difference in mask wearing.  Note the non-phenomenal, non-existent difference in case curves.  Yep, keep wearing those masks.

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  • Peggy A Lewis says:

    Hi Kevin..

    I sense your slow down regarding this epidemic. I sense it from everyone actually. Even some die hard lock-down/Mask enthusiasts now enter the salon mask-less with a bounce in their step and nothing to really say about Sars CV19 anymore. It shocks me that only a small handful are talking about the Delta, some because they truly innocently watch or read the news and believe everything Joe Biden/Fauci say and some because they’re still, dishearteningly, using it as a cudgel to beat down anyone that wants to get a little too big for their britches. I’ve often thought since the onset of this pandemic that my fellow liberals used fear of Covid as a tool of puritanical transcendence. As if: “Now try saying anything against the viewpoints (Trump) of the left during a time when only the LEFT is interested in saving lives….” It was all so theatrical. So conveniently contentious and indignant.

    As we travel down the rabbit hole of Lab Leak spill over vs Wet Market I see those same people fighting, yammering on, blabbering and biting at anyone that suggests their saviors may have been involved in chicanery from the start and as the censorship by big tech is being exposed, I think and hope that balance is renewed…realizing hope is often, not enough.

    I personally will not get vaccinated and have walked a tight rope explaining to friends and clients exactly why not. You’d be surprised to know that its not about the actual vaccine but instead with my personal experience with medicine of all kinds, surgical procedures gone bad, and that I suspect I had it early in February 2020. I do believe that it is a risk analysis/benefit decision and almost a must for anyone over 65. What I can’t stand to see is Tim Walz up on Twitter advocating for vaccination in his idiotic manner. Selling it to people like he’s some snake oil salesman. It grinds on my nerves that the man presented those charts and graphs for 15 months to an audience primed for his every blithering, rapid word to tell them how to live their lives without a thought for a whole subset of underprivileged, under paid, over worked, already at risk people in Minnesota who continually went out into the world to keep the lights on and the food chain running, I often heard people make mention that, “If ‘a certain kind of person’ cared about their fellow citizen by wearing a mask and staying away from large events, we could wipe out this virus..” and other similarly obtuse thinking. One client praised Walz after getting HER HAIR DONE for the second shutdown of restaurants, etc and then mentioned she’d be traveling to her second home in Tucson the next day. Wait, what? The absurd thinking that lock-down created less disease spread was always nonsense.

    As I work through my bitterness over the behavior and thinking of the people I once respected and listened to, I try to remember that this too shall pass and that this ol’ world has seen a LOT of bad times.

    Thank You Kevin for doing what you did for me. I’m a words person, not numbers…so I admit that your graphs meant less but your words meant everything.

  • Ricard says:

    …but…hasn’t Sweden had 1,435 deaths per million over-all while Germany has had 1.086 by comparison? Given those numbers I’m not sure what what the graph is trying to tell us

  • Garry says:

    Kevin – Thanks again for your continued work on this blog and helping the masses cut through the BS we are constantly served up by state/federal health officials and their allies in the MSM. Any chance you could do some exploration on the theory of viral interference, what it is, and what role, if any, it played in suppressing flu, RSV, other respiratory infections and certain types of colds?

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