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Where Have All the Coronaviruses Gone?

By June 19, 2021Commentary

Minnesota had less than 100 new cases yesterday, and that is including all the false and low positives.  Here is a great screen shot, courtesy Phil Kerpen on Twitter from the viral surveillance network.  While CV-19 presence dives, rhino is doing great and parainfluenza is zooming up the charts.  Since we attempted to suppress our normal immune system interaction with pathogens for over a year, going to see a lot of nasty infections for a while here.

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  • Chuck says:

    I just read the new quotes by Dr Osterholm regarding the India variant. Sky is falling again for the poor Dr. He had been quiet for so long. Isn’t there a mandatory retirement age for epidemiologists??

  • J. Thomas says:

    His next great idea will be for us all to mask up again to stop the parainfluenza virus that’s ‘ravaging’ the county. You have to be very careful handing a political lapdog a shovel … they’re too stupid to know when to stop digging.

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