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Sweden’s Death Picture

By June 19, 2021Commentary

Those who want to dump on Sweden for not going full lockdown on CV-19 say it experienced more deaths than its Nordic neighbors.  But the chart below provides some needed context.  What the hell were those other countries doing wrong before the epidemic to have such a higher excess death rate.  It appears that part of what happened in Sweden was simply having a lot of frail elderly who hung on long enough for CV-19 to show up.  Sweden’s current overall excess death rate is below average.  You have to put everything in context.  In about a year or two, in the US, when we look at death trends for the past three years, you will net see very few excess deaths, as most of the CV-19 ones will be revealed to have been pulled forward.  That effect will show up starting by the fall of this year, I believe.

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