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Masks Worked Really Well 100 Years Ago Too

By June 19, 2021Commentary

Fascinating screen shot from Twitter, a newspaper clipping.  Stockton, California required masks during the 1918 flu pandemic.  Boston didn’t.  Now we don’t know actual wearing behavior.  But read the text too.  Looks just like the comparisons in charts from the CV-19 epidemic.  Makes no difference in community spread of a respiratory virus.  (And apparently California was insane 100 years ago just like today, it would figure that someplace there would have the mask mandate.)

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  • Steve says:

    Good morning Kevin,
    No surprise to me. In fact simple observation would be sufficient. We know that it is impossible for humans to use these things in the specific manner preached by pro mask advocates. In present time the CDC has ignored the need to study the face mask as an accumulator. The mask traps pollen, mold, many spores…and in that environment we are constantly breathing from an infected piece of paper or cloth. It’s not surprise that people feel sick, are sick and fare worse when wearing these things. But, then again, when people are conditioned to be afraid what can you expect.

  • Alex says:

    I believe from the Kellogg study (1920), in addition of Boston and Stockton, NY, Philadelphia and Detroit had no mandates but San Francisco did. Same result. Bunch of fools in power.

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