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The US Has Gone Full Whacko and Has a Senile President

By June 16, 2021Commentary

Many of you may have seen this but a young woman who managed to defect North Korea and was attending Columbia University has gained notoriety by pointing out what is obvious to any sentient observer of American society–we have lost our minds with whacko wokeness.  Here is a link to the story in the NY Post.  (Post Story)    She said “even North Korea isn’t this nuts,” and “I expected that I was paying this fortune, all this time and energy, to learn how to think. But they are forcing you to think the way they want you to think.”  Colleges are completely responsible for the corruption and perversion of every American institution, starting with education itself.  I don’t know how to reverse it at this point.  I think you simply have to defund universities of any federal aid and you have to forbid scholarships for any subjects other than hard sciences and professions.  Perhaps we need to support the growth of a whole new set of universities.  This is Congress’ fault for not stepping in a couple of decades ago and putting an end to this nonsense.

Meanwhile, senile Joe outdid himself at his first big foreign trip, and that is before Putin gets a chance to toy with him.  Putin, who literally looks like a Cheshire cat, and is clearly a malevolent human being, will play with Joe as cats play with mice, before biting his head off.  Senile Joe is incapable of following even the simplest discussion and literally can’t put words together to form sentences.  He had his flash cards again, mostly stuff trashing Trump, and doesn’t even know how to use those.  The US press, now an arm of the Democratic party, our state-controlled media, won’t point any of this out, but the foreign press is a little more observant.  Here is what members of the British Labour Party thought–“At least Trump was attentive, he (Biden) can’t keep up with G7 events or follow note cards.”

But keep telling yourself we live in a great country with a great government.

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  • Steven R Johnson says:

    Kevin: What is Dr Osterholmich predicting now. Will he return to campus or remain in his safe house?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Last I heard he said he has given up predicting, which seems smart, it is hard to know what will happen

  • DuluthGuy says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more regarding colleges. In their current form, they’re beyond hope as far as reform is concerned. The only way that anything meaningful will happen is if employers start to not value a college education. In our region, we need companies like United Health, General Mills, Medtronic, etc to become comfortable hiring people who have certificates from these online outfits like Udacity, Khan Academy, etc. Unfortunately, far too many people (even conservatives) still think highly of our colleges and universities and think that is the only way for young people to have a solid future. For most students, well over half of the courses one takes in college are not necessary. The only hope I see if students (and society in general) realize that a college education is completely unnecessary to do what they ultimately want to do and a big waste of time and money.

    Another problem is professional licensing organizations. While I’m sure there are more such organizations, one I can speak of with first hand knowledge is the CPA society (Board of Accountancy). To even qualify to take the exam to be a CPA, one must have a bachelor’s degree with I believe 30 semester credits in Accounting and 150 total semester credits (which is pretty much a masters degree). The exam itself is more than enough of a barrier to entry to protect the profession (believe me, the exam itself is a giant time commitment). The 150 semester credit requirement is nothing more than a giveaway to the colleges and universities. It does absolutely nothing to give society better accountants and financial professionals. Even though I put in the time to get my certification, I wouldn’t mind at all if someone started an alternative certification (similar difficult test, but no formal education requirement) and employers embraced.

  • Joseph Lampe says:

    Several months ago I told my siblings and cousins that we are experiencing the dismantling of a civilization. Whether it can be reversed is an open question.

  • Rob says:

    For all the kvetching about predatory lenders, the biggest culprits are the universities. They have convinced a large portion of the teenage population (and their parents) that they NEED a (costly) college education and then direct them toward lenders that are happy to put them into debt. And when those persons graduate and can’t pay the loan back, the universities beg the taxpayer to cover the loans – but don’t you dare suggest the loans be repaid from the schools’ endowments.

    And if you think this scam is abhorrent, you aren’t even considering the number of unemployable graduates that are convinced they need to continue on to their master’s degree in the same non-productive field. It’s downright immoral.

  • Fergie says:

    We moved from Makato, MN to Palmer, Alaska in 2017 to be nearer family living here, but still keep abreast of what’s going on in MN. Your “Healthy Skeptic” has been key to getting accurate information about the Covid mess and also, we couldn’t agree with you more about colleges.

    Both my wife and I write articles for our local monthly free newspaper here in the Mat-Su Valley in Alaska. It is published by a guy who still believes in free speech and will publish any well-written article if it is not slanderous or obscene. We have a population of around 100,000 here in the Mat-Su Valley where we live about 40 miles north of Anchorage. He prints 10,000 copies that are distributed in stands at hotels, stores, malls, and other public places in the valley. He supports this effort through paid advertising.

    The link to my latest op-ed titled “Ignoring the Elephant in the Room” is below for you to read.

    In this article I mentioned in “Examples”, —- 5) Federal agencies like the FBI harassing those seen as political opponents as recently in our own Homer, Alaska” regarding the recent raid by FBI agents to the home of a couple who had attended the patriot rally in Washington, D.C. to see if they had “stollen Nancy Pelosi’s laptop!” Not only was this a botched case of mistaken identity, but also an outrageous abuse of Federal Power against law abiding citizens. This couple’s nightmare is still not over, but to their credit they are fighting back and have created the website below where they document their whole experience including that day at the patriot rally that the current administration is trying to put on the same (if not higher) level as the “George Floyd” riot destruction in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and other trashed cities around the country. It is really worth your reading/viewing and passing on to other citizens.

    You can read most all of my articles by going to our paper’s website below and searching on “Doug Ferguson”.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Thank you for sharing, and I am encouraged that people are doing grass-roots reporting and information sharing, it may be how we defeat the media companies that are just in the pocket of one party

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