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Coronamonomania Thrives in Darkness, Part 81

By June 16, 2021Commentary

You may recall, I have been asking for a real-life random study where people who are wearing masks have their masks tested for pathogens.  Here is the closest thing.  The good folks at Rational Ground have posted on just a study among children and a few adults.  As you would suspect the masks collect and harbor very nicely a large variety of pathogens, many of which cause serious disease.  Not much CV-19 though.  In fact almost no viruses, hmmm, maybe masks aren’t that good at stopping viruses.  Naah, the experts would have told us if that were the case.  (Rational Ground Study)

A study of children supposedly hospitalized with CV-19 in Germany finds a) very few children were hospitalized; b) about half weren’t admitted because of CV-19; c) only around 20% received any CV-19 treatment; and d) those who were more seriously ill had pre-existing illnesses and poor health status.   (Medrxiv Study)

I think we all know how bad the modeling was during this epidemic.  Absolutely pathetic and useless.  This paper talks about some very basic failures to take into account relevant information from past epidemics, like seasonality.  (Modeling Article)   The authors discuss various past epidemics which could have served as guides for building CV-19 models, but appear to have been largely ignored.

Another paper on my old friend seasonality and meteorological factors in CV-19 spread.  (Medrxiv Paper)   These guys attempt to adjust for the effect of the infamous non-pharmaceutical interventions.  They find strong evidence of seasonality, accounting for around 40% of association with spread.  The study was conducted in Europe and treated all meteorological factors as a single variable tied into seasonality.

This article discusses the incidence of various infectious diseases during the epidemic, finding large drops in most states of not only respiratory infections, but infections via other routes as well.  While the mitigation measures may have played some role, they note it is also likely that care avoidance and under-reporting was also a factor.  (JID Study)

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  • Rob says:

    I don’t see how that mask study is going to convince anyone who is a fervent mask supporter. Their typical response will be “Look at all the pathogens the mask blocked! We should be wearing masks and gloves every moment of the day except when bathing or eating, and we should only be eating ten minutes a day!”

  • J. Thomas says:

    I’m sickened by the continued push to include children in this vaccine experiment. I’m presuming that children are not being jabbed without parental consent .. so what whack-job parents are volunteering their kids for this experiment and what are they getting in return? Are parent paid for their child’s participation? Do they have any recourse of issues develop? Who’s approaching parents and requesting their kids?

  • J. Thomas says:

    Apparently, during most of 2021, behind the scenes, globally, many doctors have been breaking protocol and successfully treating hundreds of thousands of patients (maybe millions) with therapeutics. This adds them to them to the ‘Herd”. Add to this the falsification of most of the data from testing schemes, hospitals and government reporting sources and you have a situation where literally none of the data has any value to helping us truly understand this virus.

    I’m certainly not discounting your efforts … but no amount of graphing and charting of bad data will make it good data. We’ve all been played like fools by the elites at the World Economic Forum and their centrally planned global control of population and commerce under the banner of ‘saving the earth’ from us. Hell is too good for this scum !

  • J. Thomas says:

    Another piece of this story is that over the last decade or two, most of the private practice doctors have been bought up by the large hospitals who now have control over them and their decisions regarding how to treat their patients (It’s illegal but it surely exists). They are cowards for playing along with this fraud and denying treatments while pretending to operate under the Hippocratic oath they take. They are whores to the system and are just as culpable for all of these needless deaths as the governors and politicians who’ve created the situation. Too much of the medical community is a complete disgrace ! If your doctor denied you treatment, you should publish his/her/its name and sue the crap out of them for malpractice. If this becomes a national trend, it will help prevent this from ever happening again.

    If you read this blog you already know an attorney !

  • Colonel Travis says:

    I saw my doctor last week for a checkup. We were talking about surgical masks, which he was wearing. He said – these things do nothing but collect germs. We both know it’s a farce to wear them, they force everyone at the hospital. I don’t understand at all.

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