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Hospitalizations in Younger Patients

By June 14, 2021Commentary

Variants are killing our young people!!  That is what the CV-19 terrorists want you to believe.  Not really true.  Note in the following charts, thanks again to DD, that the actual number of hospitalizations in young people is extremely small.  The rate appears to have ticked up, but testing is way down with school out, so cases are down.  So the rate uptick is artificial.  And in any event we are seeing very few cases and very few hospitalizations among younger people, no matter what variants are floating around.

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  • J. Thomas says:

    It’s still my understanding that GP’s are under a lot of pressure not to treat patients with CV-19 symptoms and by protocol are sending them to hospitals where they become another twisted statistic. Most are sent home with minimal issues and a few days later they’re fine. Unless the medical community grows a pair, follows their sworn oaths, this is an endless cycle.

    BTW, police leadership have shown the same cowardice, they’re sworn in to uphold the constitution, not a transient bureaucracy !

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