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Presented With No Further Comment Needed

By June 9, 2021Commentary

The estimable Dr. Fauci, who is learning that karma actually exists, said the following in one of his released emails.

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  • Paul Marchiniak says:

    Kevin, then what do you make of this?
    (apologies if you covered it before, I couldn’t find that you did.)

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I have been over the law of large numbers point repeatedly, if masks are only partly effective in reducing exfiltration or infiltration, then over a large enough number of exposures/particles you are going to inhale or exhale virus. What has happened with the complete lack of case rise in the face of massive decline in mask wearing is tremendous evidence of the lack of necessity or efficacy of masks.

  • Barb says:

    Calling him a weasel is being kind.

  • J. Thomas says:

    For the hundredth time … viruses are submicron, bacteria are 10X viruses. The ‘Nature’ article uses the term ‘particles’ which are 100-1000X bacteria. It’s only a compelling article if you haven’t graduated from junior high. From a prior article, 8th grade statistics shows that even with an N95 device, changing it after every potential exposure, within about 5 weeks you’ve effectively been exposed … we at 80+ weeks.

    Masks are nothing more than pollution, turtle choking devices, heading for landfills and oceans by the millions every day with ZERO medical value in this situation. So much for the “green moron team’ !! As per the statistics lesson article; “Wearing a mask is virtue signaling … but stupidity is NOT a virtue”. Take it off, properly discard all of them that you have and go out and live a normal life. Now that the government tyranny has been exposed, therapeutics are now illegal, and we’re teetering on herd immunity, you’re more likely to die falling off a ladder than from C-19. Careful changing your next lightbulb !

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