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Cohort Analysis, June 7

By June 7, 2021Commentary

The latest cohort analysis.  I am not going to be surprised if we see some very slight uptick in hospitalization or death rates in coming weeks.  As vaccination rates get very high, the only people likely to get serious disease are those frail elderly, and others, with weakened immune systems.  These people will remain susceptible to both infection and serious disease.  Testing will drop as most breakthrough infections will be completely asymptomatic and the irrational random testing winds down.  So fewer “cases” will be reported but we could see more serious disease among those cases that are detected.  Thanks to DD.

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  • James Zuck says:

    Late April of this year CDC released new guidelines for using the PCT Covid-19 test on vaccinated people. CDC suggested an upper limit of 28 for the cycle threshold (Ct). I wonder if the 28 Ct level was used for the upper limit on all testing last year how often the 5% positive results level would have been achieved. I am not sure of the logic but per the experts the 5% number is important threshold.

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