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Vaccinations, June 1

By June 3, 2021Commentary

The charts tell the story, the state is doing a good job moving ahead on vaccinations.  Thanks to DD.

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  • DJ says:

    I suggest you cover the Covid-19 Vaccination deaths and other adverse events from the CDC VAERS site.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      VAERS is untrustworthy, it is a self-report system, people can literally make stuff up and report it. And there is no assumption of cause, just this person got vaccinated and then something else happened. Historically, 99.99% of VAERS reports are found to be unrelated to a vaccine. The FDA has much better databases that they use for pharmacovigilance, from the large insurers, this is real data about real health services. Unless and until there is a thorough investigation and causal explanation I am not worrying about the safety of a vaccine given to almost 200 million people in this country alone.

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