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A Brief Note on What Comes Next

By June 2, 2021Commentary

It may partly be holiday weekend testing declines and reporting lags, but cases in Minnesota are down to nothing. If this week continues in the same vein, we are going to see the lowest number of cases since this started.  Time to declare victory and move on.  Vaccines work and seasonality helps.  But, once more, let me repeat, CV-19 is not going to disappear.  It will continue to infect a few people and there will be some hospitalizations and some deaths.  This will be disproportionately among the frail elderly and others with serious diseases that weaken their immune responses.  Even vaccinations won’t be that helpful to this group.  We have to accept this, it is no different that many other diseases, including flu, that hit hardest among those who are old and frail, and others whose health status is poor.  The appropriate government response at this point is to drop all CV-19 related restrictions, including masking of children, vaccinated or not.  And to put the focus on keeping people vaccinated, finding new therapeutics that can be used early in the disease, and monitoring global development of any variants of concern.  We should stop all the incessant reporting of every supposed case, hospitalization and death and end the terror campaign.  And we absolutely can’t be freaked out because there are still are cases and serious illness.  There may even be occasional outbreaks and case bumps.  Be interesting to see what happens in the south and southwest beginning in a couple of weeks.  So everyone forget all about this most bungled of epidemics and turn your attention to how the Biden non-administration is doing everything it can to destroy the economy and social culture of this country.

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  • Matt Ruyter says:

    Looks to me Bird Flu Monomania is what comes next :(. I pray not.

  • My wife is a triage RN at a large MN clinic. For just over a year now they where not allowed to use the flu protocol. Maybe now we can finally get back to PROPER diagnosis, J10.1

  • Debbie Larson says:

    Kurt Anderson: What do you mean when you say that the hospital staff could not use “the flu protocol”? I interpret that as they were directed to use “the Covid-19 protocol” instead. I don’t want to misunderstand. Thank you in advance for the explanation.

  • J. Thomas says:

    It’s the code assigned to a Flu diagnosis. The C19 code essentially ‘replaced’ J10.1 as per Kurt’s wife’s info. J10.1 = $0.00, but C19 Codes = $$$$. Just part of ‘Covid Theatre’. “How dare you call any upper respiratory infection anything but C19 … spin the dam PCR sample until it’s positive. If it’s not, do it over until it is !!”

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