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CV-19 Deaths by Age

By May 27, 2021Commentary

Also courtesy Phil Kerpen on Twitter, deaths by age bracket.   Note that a total of 300 deaths are listed in children but the CDC itself in a review found that at least a third of all CV-19 deaths listed in children had no plausible connection to CV-19.  A review in Britain found that every CV-19 death in a child occurred in one who had very serious illnesses other than CV-19.  Note also that until you get to the age 55 to 64 bracket, CV-19 deaths don’t even begin to match the age group’s percent of population or percent of non-CV-19 deaths.  This virus posed a serious threat of death only to those over 65.  The risk perception of the population is abysmal and politicians played on that to do stupid things.

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  • Colonel Travis says:

    I see so many people under age 25 masked up and paranoid, not near anyone. They are the least vulnerable and have been scared for the rest of their lives.

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