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An Excellent Diagram on Mask Function

By May 25, 2021Commentary

If you want to understand why masks may not work to slow transmission, look at this diagram.  Now a lot of virus is in droplet  size that will get trapped, but what happens to those once trapped?  They sit on the mask and eventually get broken up into smaller particles which can be pushed or pulled through the mask, much less slide around gaps in mask fit.  Particles sitting on or  in masks are also subject to touching.  Now imagine what happens as you wear them several hours a day.  And remember the study finding that the virus survives for a very long time on medical masks.

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  • James Zuck says:

    Great chart. It is beyond me why the principle of particle size and filtering is beyond the intellectual ability of some people in leadership.
    If you have a screen in a window to keep insects out and a strong thunderstorm comes with big droplets of water, larger than the holes in the screen will allow to pass through those water droplets are still getting through, just in a smaller size. It filters larger droplets into smaller particles.
    Well said in in the write up, overtime the mask becomes a collection point not protecting anyone from a virus.

  • guest says:

    Maybe a good time to re-post this chart because of all the wildfire smoke particles now in the air.

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