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Year-Over-Year Comparison, May 16

By May 18, 2021Commentary

Hard to know how to interpret some of this given testing change, remdesivir and hospital use, vaccinations, etc.  Looks like either the wave was going to be a little earlier this spring, or we were going to have a huge wave that got truncated by vaccinations.  You can kind of infer that if testing in 2020 had been at the 2021 level, with the same positivity, we would have had identified many more cases in spring 2020.
Thanks DD.

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  • Darin Kragenbring says:

    I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but again today there were fourteen deaths reported in MN. As usual, no dates provided, much less Ct values of the tests. You pointed out in the last couple of weeks how you found dates of death in the CDC data showing deaths reported now but actually occurred months ago. Do you think this data will ever be analyzed properly such that the true trajectory of the pandemic can be seen?

  • Joseph Lampe says:

    Many months ago Scott Johnson of asked Mn Dept of Health why they are reporting that way. All he got from them back was non-responsive bafflegab. The official deaths file contains the actual date of death, so it is a trivial matter of database programming for MDH to plug those dates into the daily published table. I have the 2020 file and wrote a program that lists the reported dates and actual dates side-by-side. From that data a friend created a graph in Excel that visually shows the useful and useless dates as two colored lines. But I have no way to get the results to you.

  • J. Thomas says:

    As long as the ‘with” vs. ‘from’ game is in play, I don’t understand how anyone can use death data to add meaningful thoughts or comments related to this virus, regardless of any date shifts. Until every death cert is audited and reclassified based on the primary cause only, we’re just wizzing in the wind. Since they’ve taken all of the extra money associated with ‘C19’ deaths, you can rest assured that this type of audit will NEVER happen. Instead of playing with spreadsheets, go take a walk with a loved one and enjoy each other’s company. This is an unsolvable (on purpose) puzzle !

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