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More Evidence of Masks Working, or Not

By May 12, 2021Commentary

Thanks to Youyang Gu on Twitter.  As I have said, better to use mask wearing behavior than mask mandates, although there likely is a correlation between the two.  Pretty clear the virus doesn’t care about masks and masks aren’t a significant factor in spread dynamics.

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  • Fergie says:

    I’m a retired engineer, not a statistician, but I would be curious to see what some of these curves look like when filled out with their error regions. I have followed the “global warming” controversy for some years now, and often when you see data plotted with error curves, it becomes evident when data is really representative of the actual phenomena and conversely when it is just a wild guess.

    The situation with an ongoing situation like Covid is certainly different than the forecast problem of the climate, but still no one ever seems to address the error limits or confidence factors in these statistics.

    Just the same, your information is great and I sure don’t find it anywhere else.

  • Colonel Travis says:

    The divergence even begins in March….I mean, good Lord. When are people going to take notice of this? I don’t wear a mask any more, I got my shots, I am still alive to type this and I haven’t grown a third eye. Where I live (outside Dallas, Texas) the vast majority of people are still wearing masks. It’s sad. I see more slowly starting to not wear them, even in businesses that say they are mandatory. No one has ever said anything to me about no mask in such places.

    All key metrics are down, yet people have been scared out of their minds for so long. I don’t think there will ever be a time in America when it will be like it used to be, when seeing someone in a mask was a freak of nature, no matter how absent CV19 is.

  • Thor1974 says:

    In miracle of miracles, the local school district finally rescinded its mask order. So, for the last week of school (next week), my kids don’t have to wear a mask. Took the f-ers long enough.

    It was a little weird, because I was looking for cloth masks at Walmart last weekend. I needed a couple more for the kids. But there were almost none to be found. I found a measly display in the pharmacy, but they were adult masks, not kids masks. Not two weeks ago there were cloth masks everywhere at Walmart- a giant box overflowing when you walked in the doors, displays at every checkout stand, big boxes of masks in front of those. Everywhere. You couldn’t walk in the front part of the store without running into a mask display. And then *poof* they’re just gone last weekend.

    At that point, I figured Walmart had the inside scoop and the mask BS was coming to an end. And lo-and-behold, the CDC’s announcement today, followed by a health order from the state government, and then an email from my kids’ school district about no masks next week.

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