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LTC/Non-LTC Deaths, May 7 Update

By May 7, 2021Commentary

DD is keeping on top of this and you can really see the effects of vaccination now, look at the swing in where deaths are coming from.

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  • Dan Riser says:

    But the tyrant already murdered 60 per cent of them, and alone…

  • Rob says:

    More likely a combination of vaccinations and government jack asses pulling deaths forward for a year. Giving vaccines full credit for this gives incompetent blowhards an escape hatch they don’t deserve. Never Forget!

  • Karl Nyhus says:

    Do you think it’s the vaccine or just that all the susceptible long term care residents have already died? The St. Paul Pioneer Press lists daily CV deaths but they don’t say whether any of those who died were vaccinated. So how can we tell if the vaccine works?

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