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The Race Obsession

By May 5, 2021Commentary

We are killing our society and future with the race obsession of certain politicians and a segment of the population.  The rest of the world is laughing at us.  You would think this is a joke, but it is real.  In its zeal to let no state be stupider than it is, after Virginia said that in the name of “equity” it would stop offering advanced math in some grades, California is planning to double down by not allowing any advanced math to “gifted” students, putting all students of all abilities in the same class and not allowing high schools to offer calculus.  All in the name of equity.  This version of equity isn’t uplifting, it is governing to the lowest common denominator.  Can you imagine how countries like China, Russia, India, really every other country must look at this lunacy.  They are probably generally happy about, gives them a real competitive edge.  They are all doing everything they can to identify and nurture math and science in children as early as possible and we are thwarting it.  Sheer insanity.

If we are going to get out of this obsession, we may have to be led by minorities.  Here is an African-American former police officer excoriating Democrats for creating and sustaining racial division and tension.  (ZH Story)

And my home metro area, Minneapolis, is reaping the benefits of the defund the police nonsense.  The police force is understaffed and demoralized.  No police officer in his or her right mind would even think about trying to enforce the law or prevent crime, particularly in regard to minorities, for fear of ending up in jail, and so criminals are energized and living large.  And who pays the price, the same minorities who the white progressives and BLM supposedly, but don’t, care about.  Murders are up enormously, mostly of young black men.  (Mpls.  Story)  But you won’t see The Goonvernor or Keith Ellison at any of those funerals even though they are directly responsible for those deaths by their reckless and racist conduct.  More interested in Black Votes Matter and catering to the ideological whims of people who don’t live where the crime is than in addressing the real and difficult problems underlying these homicides.  All I can say is Minneapolis residents get what they deserve for voting for these morons.  And the same sad story is replicated all across the country.

I will keep saying this, what is happening to young African Americans, especially young men, in this country is a tragedy and it has nothing to do with the police, other than their role in the malign neglect which is directed by politicians.  We are wasting enormous talent by allowing these young people to be steered early away from school and education and into a life of crime and violence.  And all the nonsense about systemic racism has nothing to do with that, other than the racism of white progressives who think that African Americans aren’t actually capable of responsible behavior.  We have to have common behavioral expectations and we have to reinforce those through multiple incentive and punishment avenues.  When we do it, it works, everyone is lifted.  When we don’t we sink.  If we don’t get control of this bullshit soon, our cities will be completely devastated, and it will spread to the suburbs, where the white progressives hang out and pontificate about equity and social justice, but don’t have a clue about real life.

I saw a clip where Ma’Khia Bryant’s mother said that someone had to be held to account for her daughter’s life.  Look in the mirror; that is where the accountability is.  Stop the nonsense about what an angel your child was, she is on video trying to stab another child despite the presence of the police.  If you don’t start giving better guidance to your child, what do you think is going to happen.  But no, let’s talk about racism and police misconduct, because that is simplistic and superficial and easy.

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  • J. Thomas says:

    Please read and share this man’s work. It’s my opinion that our American brothers and sisters from African decent never found leadership to replace MLK. They ended up with one thug after providing generational guidance to their culture. Here we are, with a bunch of élite white people exploiting he BLM craze to further their global agendas. The will take this ship down before letting go of their insanity. We must break this self perpetuating cycle of ignorance at the local levels first and understand that there’s no quick fix. It took the extreme left 40 years to orchestrate the path we’re on.

  • Emily Berkness says:


  • Michael Andrews says:

    Ma’Khia Bryant was showing all the signs of Quick Anger at the time she got shot. We are simply not addressing this. Time after time, you hear about people that are murdered by someone in a blind rage, yet there seems to be no answer. The Mental Health System doesn’t seem to be equipped to address this.

  • rob says:

    “If we are going to get out of this obsession, we may have to be led by minorities.”

    I believe that is the truth. This is a prime opportunity for minority people to step forward and lead us all out of this insanity.

  • J. Thomas says:

    A messy house and unmade bed are surely topics for a phycologist to work on so you don’t take a knife to someone.

    • Mike Andrews says:

      Quick anger where you go into a blind rage over a small slight is a psychological problem! It’sa huge factor in many police shootings.

  • Ricard says:

    Another worthy organization is Take Charge Minnesota (TakeChargeMN [dot] com)

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