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How Minnesota Makes Epidemic Policy

By April 30, 2021Commentary

The screenshot below is from an email obtained in the lawsuit regarding youth sports restrictions.   Two things stand out.  One is that the youth sports restriction went into effect based on no data, because here the Governor is asking for data to support a restriction he already put in place.  Why would you be asking for data after the fact if you already had it and based your decision on it.  The second is that it clearly reveals the orientation toward just deciding what measures to take and then trying to justify those measures by made-up and slanted data and rationales.  This is why no one should be allowed to rule by emergency decree for any length of time longer than about three days.  Forcing a more measured process involving many voices means that you are more likely to actually consider facts and viewpoints that lead to a better decision.  What the IB does is disrespectful to the public and is why we have such widespread cynicism and distrust of government, which is largely responsible for things like vaccine hesitancy.  Shame, shame, shame.


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  • Harley says:

    The IB is such a toad. And he collaborates with a cabal of very talented liars, masquerading as health care professionals.

    A variation on the joke, “What’s 2 + 2?”
    “What do you want it to be?”

  • J. Thomas says:

    Fantastic job of getting behind the scenes on these imposters. This whole situation is ripe for a ‘Snowden’ event, dumping all of the internal communication within the DNC that orchestrated this tyranny. That would include our friends at the NIH, CDC, and all Dem State Gov’s. I hope they get completely washed out at the poles next year AND criminally charged. Can you imagine this Dem Gov cast of characters making it to Washington … yikes !

    Also, what a cocky tone to the email. They all know it’s a game they have to play to stay employed in their cushy jobs. I hope they all end up on Biden’s road crew, ‘supporting the infrastructure’ !

  • Kurt Anderson says:

    Wait.What? MN’s First Lady is in one this?

  • Dan Smith says:

    The whole rotten mess is Cargo cult science. I wonder what other gems remain hidden?

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