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Hospital Use Update, April 26

By April 27, 2021Commentary

Another interesting chart from DD.  You would think that hospitalizations might be lower this spring than last, but they aren’t.  I don’t think there is enough data without a comprehensive chart review to ascertain differences in reasons for hospitalization between last spring and this.  Hospitals are highly incented to hospitalize CV-19 cases.  Length of stay is down, but they still get their bonus.  And remdesivir still requires a stay.  On the other hand, last year I think people were more automatically hospitalized because physicians were uncertain about the course of the disease.  Interesting to compare ICU use, even though total use is up. Less ventilation, maybe younger cases.

Big takeaway, however, I think it is over.  As long as we get a few more people vaccinated, we are past the seasonal peak conditions for Minnesota.  Our fearful buffoon of a leader doesn’t have the sense to do this, but he should declare victory and stop the case and death counting now.  Give up the terror campaign.

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