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Let Us Return to How a Certain Country is Doing

By April 26, 2021Commentary

Courtesy Ianmsc on Twitter.  Hmmm, no masks, limited school closings, not many other restrictions, how can this country be doing so much better than the others on outcomes?

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  • j sabol says:

    Interesting to note that Germany is not on this list. I lived and worked there many years ago and recently asked my German friends about why the death rate in Germany was lower than other European countries. They responded that in Germany they take a more rigid interpretation of death by Covid. If they cannot ascertain that it is the primary cause they do not reflect it in their count. They referenced a severe flu season on 2016-2017 where they grossly over-attributed deaths to the flu only to find out that the ‘excess deaths’ were less than half of what was originally reported as flu deaths. It will become clearer when the Actuarial Mortality tables are updated.

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