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Coronamonomania Thrives in Darkness, Part 52

By April 25, 2021Commentary

If you want to see something that looks like actual exponential case rise, look at India’s current curve.  And India masks up really well.  Made a big difference.  And we thought SE Asia was remarkably safe, check out Thailand lately.  Another nearly 100% mask country.   Seasonality gets you sooner or later.

The briefers in Minnesota were in rare form Thursday, returning to some of their favorite themes in the terror campaign.  These shameless hustlers should be subjected to a public gauntlet of ridicule.   They pushed the variant terrorism, even though it is very clear the variants are a) covered by the vaccines; b) not causing worse rates of outcomes; and c) likely not really much more transmissible.  The commissioner flat out lied in saying the variants are tied to worse disease and outcomes.  There is no research that supports that at this point.  In fact the best research shows this is not true.  The DOH acknowledged that in answer to a Scott Johnson question a week ago.

They are completely number and statistics illiterate.  The commissioner tried to make it sound scary that the median age of hospitalization has gone down significantly.  This is exactly what you would expect as vaccination of older groups was prioritized.  It is why I do those charts that show things like proportion of LTC deaths and relative rates of hospitalizations, cases and deaths by age group.   How they can twist this to be something bad is just absurd and frightening in the ignorance it reflects.

We got guilting about vaccinating to protect others.  We got the children can get seriously ill BS.  And we got the complete lie about supposed asymptomatic spread by children.  The DOH is completely unable to point to one actual case of this happening.  The higher levels of  “cases” among children is nothing more or less than huge percents of false positives due to the testing regimen.   It is especially disgraceful and disgusting that the state continues to push these lies and this testing program which leads to unnecessary isolation of students and closing of schools.  Parents should demand that these testing programs be fully transparent in disclosure of cycle numbers and that any positive be verified.

The so-called experts can keep ignoring the science all they want, like they do in Minnesota, but truth is truth.  The closed school policies are absurd and everyone knows it is nothing but catering to teachers’ unions in the interest of getting campaign contributions.   Here is one more nail in the coffin, another study from Japan, whose research is trustworthy, finding that closing schools made  zero difference in transmission rates.  (Medrxiv Paper)   As the authors mildly put it:  “policies on school closures should be reexamined given the potential negative consequences for children and parents.”

Yet another vaccination study, from the UK again.  (Medrxiv Paper)   Over 370,000 people were included in assessing infection rates, cycle number for supposed cases and other outcomes.  Even after one dose the vaccinated people were 65% less likely to be infected than people who had not been vaccinated and had equivalent protection to those who had a prior infection.  After two doses protection rose to a higher level.  The reduction in infections was proportionately much greater among low cycle number infections; in other words those vaccinated persons who were “infected” were much more likely to have low viral loads.  The vaccine appeared equally effective against the B117 strain.

Here is a study of the impact of vaccinations in Scotland on hospitalizations.  The study was conducted after just one dose of vaccine, but even then hospitalizations between 28 and 34 days after administration dropped by over 90% and at a similar rate even among the elderly.  The Scottish vaccine regimen called for a second dose 28 days after the first.  The findings reflect strong effect of one dose, if adequate time is allowed for development of adaptive immunity.  (Lancet Paper)

Israel has been a leader in proportion of population innoculated.  This study from the country suggests that people who had been infected have a similar adaptive immunity to those who are vaccinated.  (Medrxiv Paper)   The data covered the entire population of the country.  Four groups were studied, prior infected and unvaccinated, unvaccinated, vaccinated up to one week after second dose and vaccinated more than a week after  two doses.  The authors did a variety of adjustments to account for confounding and potential biases.  The vaccine was 93% effective in preventing infection, with a slight decrease in the over 80 group.  It was 94% effective in preventing hospitalization or death.  Having a prior infection actually provided similar, even very slightly higher rates of protection.  Vaccines work, and so does developing adaptive immunity from infection.

Is household exposure linked to more severe disease from CV-19?  (JID Article)   Nope, according to this study of over 15,000 multiperson households in Denmark with an index case.  The hypothesis was that because of ongoing close contact, household transmission might result in higher viral loads and more severe disease.  Transmission occurred in only 23% of households, which is astoundingly and intriguingly low.  And among secondary cases there was no increased risk of severe disease.

This paper covered hospitalization outcomes from March through the end of 2020.  (Medrxiv Paper)   Over this period median length of stay dropped by a third.  Remdesivir and corticosteroid use increased substantially.  ICU use almost dropped in half and mechanical ventilation by two-thirds.  Some of these trends appeared to flatten out during the November/December wave and there appeared  to be an increase in some hospitalization per capita rates, but I think that is due to the steep increase in remdesivir use in that period.

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  • Connie says:

    MDH doesn’t want to confirm positive tests with additional testing; they want case counts. They will require repeat testing for negatives, fishing for positives to bandy about, but don’t dare confirm a test with a follow up. MDH is engaged in racketeering: billions flow to the state if they keep up the lies.

  • Craig Belcourt says:

    Thanks for all your impressive work!

    Your blog is the first place I go to each day.

  • Colonel Travis says:

    It would be nice if we could figure out how much of this problem is:
    1.) People in charge being liars.
    2.) People in charge being truly stupid.

    I am convinced it is both, just don’t know the percentage of each.

  • Darin Kragenbring says:

    I read the lawsuit by LetThemPlayMN against the state. One thing struck me: the state’s ability to review test results before they are reported. Is it a coincidence that cases were already declining in MN in November when the governor ordered his shutdown? The lawsuit seems to give another peek at the state’s modus operandi. I am curious how the plaintiffs were able to get those emails.

    Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Roche.

  • J. Thomas says:

    They are not mutually exclusive, as deliberate lying requires the knowledge of the truth. The third option is deviant, which = 100% ! Every elected official who supported this well crafted and executed tyrannical take over of this country has to go. Research your elected officials and where they stand today and stood over the past year. There should be zero loyalty to anyone who aided and abetted these crimes.

  • Debbie Larson says:

    Kevin: Is there a reason that we don’t replace the PCR test with growing cultures? I believe strep throat and urinary track infections are tested by culturing. It seems to me that this would provide far more accurate testing.

  • Ganderson says:

    Any thoughts on India? Lying press?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      seasonality, low vaccination rate and some very large gatherings, religious festivals and political rallies

  • Ryan Dwyer says:

    Re; India and all locations with mask mandates: Interesting what happens when a petri dish for viruses is the gatekeeper to the respiratory system.

  • Rob says:

    Debbie, fast-good-cheap. Pick any two. Guess which two most people pick.

  • J. Thomas says:

    After all we’ve learned about the folks behind this crafted takeover of our country, it’s my opinion that PCR was chosen for its ability to be manipulated in a fast and cheap way. If you heard the interview with the man (now deceased) who invented the PCR test, he told the health officials that it was the wrong test to use for this situation. His video got pulled and they set about their scheme. The sooner you accept that all common sense and reason have been substituted for calculated perversion of our medical system, the easier it is to answer all of these obvious questions. The puppeteers yanking Biden’s strings who orchestrated the election frauds and installed their resident moron have achieved their mission. They won this battle. Either we take back our country, or we live under a centrally planned, global oligarchy of the Gate’s ilk who want to rule the world, their way via the UN, WMF, etc.

    I encourage all followers of Kevin’s great blog to add the site to their daily readings. Many authors who have much better skills at expressing the situation we’re all in than I.

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