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False Positives in Testing

By April 24, 2021Commentary

I have repeatedly warned about the dangers of widespread random testing in a a low prevalence population.  Here is a snippet from a release by a Los Angeles school district in which the district basically acknowledges that all recent positives were false positives.  Note that these positives meant students were sent home and had to isolate until the results were cleared up.  This stupid, stupid policy is being followed everywhere.

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  • David Krieg says:

    My threshold for flushing our Constitution down the toilet over a “pandemic” is precise testing, factual data with zero opinions added; MN. has certainly failed to meet that criteria, as has much of the country.

  • Connie says:

    I’m familiar with a case where a young student went to the dr with symptoms that turned out to be an ulcer (caused by stress and anxiety from hybrid learning BTW). The student was tested for covid (had a headache) & tested positive. A request for follow up test was refused. No other family member has tested positive after REPEATED tests. Note the child with the original positive has been refused further testing. The child is asymptotic (headache went away).

    Sure seems like they are fishing for positives and won’t do anything that might jeopardize the “case” turning out to be a false positive. MDH has directed that the student must remain out of school for 24 days.

    This whole thing makes me spitting mad. MDH is filled with insane and vicious cranks.

  • As a professional educator, I’ve witnessed this foolishness first hand–and it is virtually “everywhere:” public schools and private schools. It seems the only place where this “stupid, stupid policy” isn’t prevalent is some Christian schools, and public school districts that are dominated by Christian conservatives. Across the U.S., literally MILLIONS of hours of classroom time have been lost, not only to the ignorant lockdowns/shutdowns, but also to the needless testing, contact tracing, and quarantining of the young and healthy. SHAMEFUL!!!

  • Kurt C Anderson says:

    excess Ct was purposely applied to the PCR amplification process. Heir Fauci has said excess cycles have no chance of finding active virus, simply dead nucleotide.
    the so called death count is a FRAUD based on very high PCR false positives.

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