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Dr. Osterholm Is Out of It

By April 24, 2021Commentary

It is sad in a way, a supposed expert advising the administration on CV-19 policy being so wrong and so out of it in regard to what is actually going on.  Here, courtesy of Twitter is the visual representation of the completely idiotic statement he made over three months ago about what would happen next in the epidemic.  Seriously, how can you be an expert and be so wrong.

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  • Richard Allison says:

    Like the old saying – Fools learn nothing from wise men; but wise men learn much from fools.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    The experts keep making predictions because it’s cheap publicity with no accountability. I’ve currently put the question to our local hospital board about the outrageous numbers the chief of staff made in a youtube a year ago. She forecast 2,000 hospitalizations and 500 deaths, which she euphemized as ICU patients. Real totals: 99 hospitalizations and 40 deaths. I want them to explain the purpose of a scare campaign using false information, which is a huge no-no in medicine. And I’m asking, too, whether there’s any reason to trust them on anything they say going forward.

  • Christopher Foley MD says:

    Dr O is far more interested in his cabin and selling books. To say he is in this for the $ is a bit of conservative modeling.

  • cms says:

    He is referring to worldwide numbers and not just the US. If you look at the worldwide trajectory you will see he is right. have you seen the recent numbers? Truly the dark days. we are not out of the woods yet

    • Kevin Roche says:

      That is not true in any respect. He specifically referred to the US, multiple times. And I don’t know what numbers you are looking at, but you are wrong about the dark days, especially in the US. One country, India, which is extremely large, is skewing the global numbers. Everywhere else has plateaued and the only countries that had cases as high as the fall/winter wave are the ones that lower cases then. Convergence to the mean in those countries. Panic if you want to, don’t expect the rest of us to go along

  • Cms says:

    I never panic but definitely want to look at the data objectively.I’m a healthcare professional myself. Osterholm has talked about worldwide spread every week on his podcast. Look at the date in just the last week. Worry is development of more variants. Covid spread has gone down in Europe because of recent lockdowns and vaccination efforts. Brazil has been awful the last two months.I wouldn’t speak so soon

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