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Joe Biden’s Worst 100 Days

By April 22, 2021Commentary

I wish it was the worst 100, but I am sure there is far worse to come.  The only good thing about the complete driveling idiots now in charge of our federal government is that they are both so extreme and so stupid that not even their plan to legislate fraudulent voting can save them from electoral disaster in 2022 and 2024.   In less  than 100 days this administration has created the worst illegal immigration problem yet; made the US a mockery in the rest of the world; threatened to plunge us into stupid military conflicts; laid the groundwork for China to pull even further ahead in educational, scientific and industrial capabilities; created unavoidable extreme inflation pressures while ensuring that growth will disappear (it is hilarious to see Jerome Powell tell us not to worry, they have the tools to control inflation); run the debt and deficit up to new highs which are completely unsustainable and created the most divisive racial situation in the country for decades.  Not bad for a senile, corrupt lifelong political hack.  How much of a moron do you have to be to attempt these radical things at a time when you hold the House by 3 votes and the Senate is a tie.  Maybe some actual bipartisanship would be in order?  That party deserves to be run out of town and buried deep beneath the ocean along with their ideological and tactical predecessors, the Nazis, the Stalinists and the Maoist Communists.  It is frightening to live at a time when reckless ideologues, supported by foreign elements which wish this country ill, are running the show.  At this point I almost hope one of the virus variants really goes wild and plunges us further into crisis.  That will be the sure end of these clowns.

Here are some examples of how insane this country has become.  Virginia wants to eliminate accelerated math classes in the name of equity.  This is not a joke.  Democrats believe in the lowest common denominator; we can’t have exceptional kids, they all must be as stupid as the stupidest among them.  Meanwhile, as I have said, China is kicking the scientific shit out of us by churning out tens of thousands of exceptionally well-trained engineers and scientists every year.  It is also a completely racist policy.  When put in good schools and expected to work hard and apply themselves, minority students have repeatedly demonstrated that they do as well as anyone else.  African-Americans and other groups don’t need this nonsense, they need the opportunity to go to good schools.

The lunacy over police reform gets ever nuttier with totally predictable consequences.  Murders are up by phenomenal percents everywhere.  Minneapolis experienced an over 500% rise in carjackings in the last year.  All kinds of other crime is up, we will never know how much because people don’t even bother reporting it.  You can guess what group is largely responsible for these crimes but that won’t get reported in the media.  And that same group is the primary set of victims, particularly for murders and assaults.  But you know our biggest problem is systemic racism and bad police behavior.  Anyone who lives in Minneapolis, or St. Paul, and votes for progressive Democrats deserves all the crime and dysfunction they are getting.  I hope every  single one of them is victimized by the lunatic policies they have supported.

In fact, it is unfair and inequitable for only minorities to be victimized by those policies.  The white liberal morons who implement them should insist that they be carjacked, that they be subjected to home invasions and a certain number should volunteer to be murdered.  We must have equity in every aspect of our civic life.  So I propose legislation to immediately implement a lottery among white progressives in which the same number will be drawn to have crimes committed against them as occurred elsewhere.  So if there were 50 carjackings in a city in April, 50 white progressives must be selected and a carjacking arranged.  If there are 100 robberies, 100 white progressives must have their homes invaded and ransacked.  If ten young black men are murdered, ten white progressives must be selected for murder.  That sounds like real equity to me.  And who knows, maybe some people might begin to understand why we need police.

I am going to say this again, because I actually care, and I am not a racist, jabbering panderer like Little Timmy Walz, Keith Cop-Hater Ellison and their ilk.  I mourn the loss of every young black man who could have contributed so much to society if the right guidance had been there early in life and throughout their childhood.  They are slaughtering each other and dying by the hundreds and thousands of drug abuse.  The behavior problems must be honestly acknowledged and the root causes addressed.  Things will never get better if that doesn’t happen.  I laugh every time I hear some progressive say that we need an honest conversation about race.  They have no interest in an honest conversation, they only want to feel good by prattling on about systemic racism and equity while they sit in their safe neighborhoods and work from home and hide their money in personal foundations.  The hell with them all.  They are a disgrace to themselves and the country.

If you think this is progress, you are living in the right place.

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  • Dan Riser says:

    Domt forget abortion. Black babies are thrown away at a higher rate than any other minority group. I am sure a generation has been lost.

  • Christopher Foley MD says:


  • MIKE TIMMER says:

    I’ve erupted with the identical litany over the last several years. I’ve also noted, because I travel a good bit, that the direct effects of the progressive powers that be are at least more moderate in other parts of the country. I promised to move from Minnesota to save my mental health, and so I have, and write now from the gulf coast. I confirmed my decision after the disappointing election resulted in the strangle hold of the DFL by decisive margins signaled the persistent acceptance by Minnesotans of your bill of horribles. Life is too short for us in our 70s to expect things to change quickly enough to merit staying to right the ship…we’ll all turn into blithering idiots. Goodbye and good luck.

  • Joseph Lampe says:

    There is no scientific or biological entity called “race.” There is only the human race. Being fictional and divisive, the word therefore should never be used. All derived words, such as racist, racial and racism, also are unhelpful and dangerous, and should not used. Behavioral and cultural are much better descriptors. No questionnaire should ever require people to categorize themselves by race. If insisting on categories, better to use the word ethnicity. Or entirely abandon divisive categorization.

  • H. Narcissus Petit says:

    10 Liberal White men for 10 murdered Black men is inequitable and unfair to Black men. Minnesota has 5.3 million people, 6% Black (318,000) and 82% White (4,346,000). To maintain proportional equity, each murdered Black men would require (somebody check my math, please) 13 murdered White men. To be effective, the murdered White men must be persons with influence and power.

    We could start with Liberals in the Governor’s mansion, then the state legislature, the Attorney General, wow, still not enough, moving on to Mayor and City Council in Minneapolis and St. Paul, school boards . . . and that’s only being equitable to 10 murdered Black men. How man Black men were murdered in Minnesota last year, times 13 for fairness . . . big project, Kev.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I had the same thought last nite after I wrote the post. True equity requires proportionality. What we really need is the ratio of white progressives to young black men. Probably around a 5X to 10X multiple in Minnesota, so we need to up the victim pool for white progressives.

  • N.S. Palmer says:

    You know I’m a fan, but today, I believe that you’re confusing two different issues. All people have human rights and human dignity because they are children of God. Other human traits vary over a wide range, and they vary between human groups, but they are irrelevant to basic human rights.

  • Ganderson says:

    Ontario is on virtually a full scale lockdown. What the hell is going on up there?

  • J. Thomas says:

    Reading Thomas Sowell’s ‘Black Rednecks & White Liberals’. Very eye opening material. Should be a mush read for all HS kids … but they get CNN instead. The more cars they add to this woke train, the harder it’s going to be to stop. And when it crashes, it’s going to make a very big mess.

  • DuluthGuy says:

    While I don’t think rioting is ok anywhere, that Mpls city council candidate that told people to riot over by Lake of the Isles and Uptown was on to something. If there are a group of people holding minorities back, it’s rich white liberals.

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