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Boycott the Twins

By April 20, 2021Commentary

The Minnesota Twins were one of several organizations which urged a guilty verdict upon completion of the trial.  It is an unconscionable breach of our idea of justice for a corporate entity to do this.  And make no mistake, they do it solely to curry favor, these are gutless companies and executives.  So I will never go to a Twins game again or buy a piece of Twins memorabilia and I urge all of you to do the same.  And the same goes for any other person or entity bent on undermining the rule of law and turning the courts into a political arm of the ideologue wackos.  The lynch mob mentality must end.

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  • DuluthGuy says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you on this. It won’t be hard for me to give up on the Twins, as I made it to maybe a game per year and followed how they were doing very casually throughout the season. It’ll be a bit harder for me to do the same to the Vikings and Gophers though, as I rarely miss a game for either team on TV and make it to at least a few Gopher Football games each year. I see Gopher AD Mark Coyle put out a statement after the verdict that wasn’t quite as bad as the Twins, but still ridiculous.

    The first thing we have to do is cancel any cable TV package we may subscribe to, as they contribute the large TV contracts that MLB, NFL, NCAA have. After that, we need to use the same guerrilla tactics used by the left to contact advertisers telling them that we’ll boycott their products if they sponsor any of these teams. While not buying tickets or merchandise is a start, we need to go a lot further if we’re going to stop the left’s momentum.

  • I agree with you on boycotting TWINS!!! They have NO BUSINESS getting involved in this! SHAME ON EVERY ONE OF THEM involved in this decision! They are only worried about their BOTTOM LINE as this country is spinning out of control on the “stuff” taking place! Never will we support our beloved team again due to this disgusting, pathetic and weak “cave” when they chose to accept the behavior allowing the destruction
    of our society! This America is imploding on itself and the Twin’s organization is not only ok with it, but helping to destroy it! Hope decent people wake up, note the evil, and follow suit!

  • Harley says:

    Add the Timberwolves to the boycott list, too. They issued a silly “statement” yesterday after the Chauvin verdict.

    All the brand equity these entities have spent years building, vaporized in an instant. Bad business.

  • Dan Smith says:

    For all the posturing outside the court room, the prosecution never mentioned race, because it was never an issue during the arrest of George Floyd. He passed a counterfeit twenty, resisted arrest and died from a combination of factors, prone restraint bring the least of them, but the most visible. The jury had convicted him before the trial started. I couldn’t have served because of my perceptions after over exposure through the media. Hopefully the verdict will be overturned on appeal.

  • Stacey Atneosen says:

    Major league sports, while we miss watching, were off the air in our home after they disrespected our flag and all of the brave men and women who have defended our rights to live free in the USA.

  • J. Thomas says:

    Amen … MLB, NBA, NFL, Coke, Delta … all blacklisted in our house ! There will be others before this is over. The banks are next, if you add the ‘green scorecard’ filter to their lending practices the list will grow. This will test the courage of all of the red counties on the voting map. We’ll see if this crap can survive by cities alone. I’m actually boycotting cities too, the pathetic heart and soul of this new ‘culture’. They can’t rig voting with your feet !

    And of course the lame president babbles the same CNN lies about ‘knee on the neck, etc., that were completely discredited throughout the entire trial, as he jumps on the conviction bandwagon. What a moron …

  • SteveD says:

    Twins? Apollo and Leto? Castor and Pollux? I live in St. Louis and I used to cheer for the Toronto Blue Jays but I gave up on major league sports (except maybe hockey) years ago. 🙂

    Therefore, I can’t boycott what I didn’t watch in the first place.

    Most pro sports (if you are honest) are extremely repetitive.

  • Ganderson says:

    Pamela- you say the Twins are only concerned with the bottom line, but aren’t there many of their customers who are very displeased with the Chauvin verdict? Are they not interested in their trade? Wouldn’t surprise me to see them add a GF patch ti their uniforms.

    I don’t understand why Chauvin was charged in the first place, why he can be charged (and convicted) on three counts for the same event. Also, even if Chauvin was the worst, most violent cop in the history of policing, what’s with the deification of George Floyd, a habitual criminal? We’re doomed.

  • South Carolina Fan says:

    Yes, stop going to games, watching them on TV and buying their merchandise. We canceled the “Sports Package” though our streaming provider. Every little bit helps. I sold some merchandise on eBay and some I just threw away.

    The extra time you get back in your day from not watching sports is nice!

  • South Carolina Fan says:

    Yes, stop going to games, watching them on TV and buying their merchandise. We canceled the “Sports Package” though our streaming provider. Every little bit helps.

    I sold some apparel merchandise on eBay and some of it I just threw in the garbage.

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