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Wherein I Touch the Third Rail

By April 15, 2021Commentary

Since vaccines seem pretty controversial among the audience, I thought I might as well drop my thoughts on an even more dangerous topic.  We live in a society where speaking your perception of truth and providing your honest analysis is a recipe for being destroyed.  It is pathetically impossible to have a real discussion about anything.  That is aided by a media that is openly ideological and a house organ for one party.  If you don’t believe that, go watch the most recent Project Veritas videos on CNN’s staff, where they openly boast about painting Biden in a favorable light and doing everything they could to get rid of Trump.  This is the media we depend on for full and accurate information.  And these media tendencies are exacerbated by trolls from Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere who delight in seeing this internecine warfare and social division in the US.  The current administration is doing everything it can to further fan the flames.  If some of us don’t ignore the dangers and speak out and try to provide truth and context, we will completely devolve.  I believe I said this the last time I wrote on this topic, a society that lives by the lie, will die by the lie.

So in my home state of Minnesota we have another police shooting of a supposedly angelic young African-American man.  You would never know from the Minnesota or national media what this criminal was actually like.  No one deserves to be mistreated or the victim of negligence, and as with George Floyd (another criminal who once did a home invasion where he stuck a gun in the belly of a pregnant African-American woman.  Note a trend, BLM and so-called progressives can only seem to find thugs and criminals to mythologize.) it is hard to understand the police behavior.  But then, who among us would want to be a police officer and faced with these situations trying to decide how to best handle them and take split-second actions.  But outside the US there are some braver papers.  Read this article to get a fuller picture of Duante Wright.  (DM Article)  After reading that, you might understand why officers could be a little anxious in their interaction with him.  You have an individual who has a history of criminal activity with an illegally possessed gun.  You have no way of knowing when he gets back in his vehicle if he has another gun.  Of course, some people, including our absolute moron of a governor think that the color of your skin should determine whether or not you have obey the laws.  Apparently if you have the right skin color we should just ignore expired plates, outstanding warrants, violations of traffic laws and illegal possession of a gun.   That is truly the way forward to a better society, especially in minority communities already so beset by criminal activity.

The African-American community has a problem and it isn’t systemic racism.  There are large numbers of young African-American men who end up turning to gang and criminal activity.  Duante Wright flaunted his on Facebook.  (I suspect those pictures have been removed.)  Why does this happen?  Start with no mature, guiding male presence.  No father actively involved in a child’s development.  Add in a mother or grandparents who ignore warning signs and facilitate and enable behavior that leads to gang membership and/or criminal activity, so no one is intervening to help these young men find a better path.   But no one wants to talk about this, because it has been a problem for decades and it is hard to solve.  How much easier to just constantly parrot “systemic racism”, “systemic racism”.   I don’t have to justify my views by my personal history, but I can assure you I care deeply above improving the lives of minorities and especially young black men.  What is being wasted there is beyond tragic, the loss of people who could be physicians, scientists, carpenters, software coders that we need.  And the real epidemic is of these young black men shooting and killing each other, which is a thousand times more common than any police killings.  We need to expect good behavior from these young men and we need to intervene early to ensure that they can find that better path.  The nonsense that is going on now isn’t going to make one bit of difference, in fact it is making things worse, as we see police officers quit and give up on stopping criminal behavior in minority communities.  The epidemic of killing of young black men by other young black men (and other people who just happen to be in the line of fire) is directly the fault of Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and all the other racist panderers who are unwilling to face the truth and do something about the real problem.  I will do anything I can to see that we actually help these young African Americans who so desperately need that help.  And it starts by an honest accounting of what happens in these situations.

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  • Dan Riser says:

    And it doesnt help that there are churches and pastors pandering to the wokeness instead of preaching to the lost souls. Kick God out of the public square and this is what you get. This all started in the 60s and is not new. But politicains throw money and programs that dont work. Money wont solve this but they wont tell the truth.

  • Dan Riser says:

    Listen to the song Papa was a Rolling Stone by the Temptations. We knew it then, they knew it then. Black men were pointing it out.

  • N.S. Palmer says:

    I have friends who are moral, intelligent, and educated people, but whose minds have been totally crushed by the Covid terror campaign. Thinking about one of them, I’ve noted that he had a bad relationship with his father who — at least through his eyes — was neither a good parent nor a particularly good person. My own father, on the other hand, set an example of courage and rationality that has influenced me greatly. I’ve wondered if part of the difference between my friend and me is the difference in our relationships with our fathers. Someone with no father, or with a criminal as a father, would be even worse off. The most damaging thing that the welfare state has done to black people is to “help” them by breaking up black families.

  • Christopher B says:

    N.S. Palmer, I’ve often thought that the root of our problems is the whole dang country is full of people with Daddy (and Mommy) Issues…

  • Juliana says:

    Thank you for your courage in writing this. I believe there many who agree, but out of fear or retaliation will not speak it out loud. I also believe there are many in the Black communities who believe this as well. Although there are many successful role models (congresspeople, President, Supreme Court Justice, lawyers, doctors, actors, musicians, and on and on), for some reason they are not being held up as someone to emulate. Instead, the criminals and drug addicts are idolized…even by those who are successful and prosperous (sports figures and other celebrities). Everything just seems backwards and I am not sure how we will be able, as a nation, to turn the tide.

  • Harley says:

    Juliana, I agree with your comments. I too have little hope we can turn things around. Sad situation, expect more of the same.

    As said, Kevin, a gutsy thing to write, but sadly true.

  • James L. Edholm says:

    Well said, as always, Kevin

  • H. Narcissus Petit says:

    Conservatives believe diversity of skin color is fine, diversity of opinion adds spice to conversation, diversity of ethnicities adds inspiration to art and flavor to dinner, diversity of hobbies is your business, not ours. We draw the line at diversity of behavior: threatening, harmful, illegal conduct is not tolerated.

    Liberals believe whatever is fashionable at the moment.

  • rob says:

    “And these media tendencies are exacerbated by trolls from Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere who delight in seeing this internecine warfare and social division in the US.”

    Yes, this is modern day warfare where outside influencers get us to hate each other and destroy ourselves from the inside out. Unfortunately, it’s working great.

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