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By April 12, 2021Commentary

I supposedly have my own podcast, but I can’t find time to do it.  I have been asked several times to speak to groups or appear on podcasts.  If you want to hear me ramble on for an extended time about coronavirus, you can do so here.  (Podcast)   Thanks very much to Andrew Richter for providing the forum.

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  • David says:

    I’ll listen. I really appreciate your research and that you share it with us. A line from the podcast description explains why I’m grateful for your work: “Kevin understands the history of corona viruses and how they attack the body. Things don’t add up between what we’ve been told and what the statistics say.”
    I can see the “tells” – the lust for power that is behind government answers to manufactured problems but your data gives my hunches some credibility. Thanks again!

  • J. Thomas says:

    Additional perspective on the vaccine above. With very few exceptions, anyone under 65 in generally good health should get the virus and let their own immune system do it’s job !! I have found multiple articles within medical groups also echoing concerns about what happens when you get the virus after getting the vaccine. Other countries are not buying into the mNRA products. WIth all of the therapeutics now available and the bungling of the early deaths behind us … NO WAY !!

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I just want to be very clear, from an interchange with Mr. Thomas, it appears that there is information floating around out there that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines weren’t testing in humans. That is completely untrue, these vaccines had the usual phase 1, 2 and 3 trials, and the phase 3 trials were extremely large. The studies were published and are all available at the FDA website. I am very disappointed at the vaccine mis-information floating around. I said at the start that there was good reason to be a little concerned about the mRNA vaccines, which are a new type, but real-world experience in tens of millions of people reveals that they are extremely efficacious and have few serious side effects, just as the trials suggested. If you nervous talk to your doctor, but don’t buy into the misinformation.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      not in any way suggesting Mr. Thomas was the source of the misinformation, he isn’t, but he apparently saw items that suggested a lack of trials and tied it to the emergency authorization. The emergency authorization did not imply that normal testing requirements were skipped, it did mean that the FDA accelerated consideration of the vaccines under its emergency authority.

  • J. Thomas says:


    I appreciate you posting what apparently you have concerns with, also for following up with clarifications. This is a fine example of how information should be allowed to flow, with qualifications by more knowledgeable people instead of being censored.

    I don’t however believe that truths have been told about the relatively insignificant consequence of getting this virus for most of the population. If we hadn’t been blatantly lied to for the last year, there would be no need for this vaccine. I also don’t think there’s any evidence that this vaccine provides any better protection than your own immune system. Unless you’re compromised in some way, you should use what mother nature gave you to fight off coronavirus infections. This situation has reeked of politics from day one and has it’s roots deep into big money and big pharma, compounded by the globalists who have been cheering it on and locking us down.

    In the meantime, we all hope and pray that this goes well for the many that feel the need to participate in this new vaccine strategy. There’s been enough suffering …!

  • rob says:

    J Thomas, one piece of the lenghty article you posted stood out to me, so I googled it. The part about the nuns dying of covid after being vaccinated. To my satisfaction, this article refutes it:
    But I suppose you could rebut with something about the left-leaning fact checkers so it’s a never ending spiral to hell and I just wasted 10 minutes trying to refute .0001% of your article. So really it boils down to there being a lot of gullible people on every side and they all tend to believe whatever they want with limited facts. Unfortunately I have no solutions because one person’s common sense is another person’s whacked out conspiracy, and both sides do it relentlessly.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Here is the problem. Unless there are really significant safety issues with the vaccines, I mean really significant, if they are as efficacious as real world evidence suggests, the benefits of using them for most people far outweighs the risks. Same kind of harm/benefit analysis that should be done for things like closing schools, etc. And if we don’t get people vaccinated, the powers that be who are enjoying ruling over us as dictators will never let go. So everyone needs to get vaccinated unless there is a clear medical reason not to and we all need to fight to end these endless emergency orders.

  • J. Thomas says:

    You’ve been such a bight light and source of common sense for so long in this battle with our government’s approach to the epidemic. That is well respected. I’m am however a bit disillusioned to hear your ‘bottom line’ rational for getting a new vaccine. Apparently it’s now okay for dictatorial governments to concoct a pandemic, lie about data, ignore all prior virology, shut down our lives, strip us of our freedoms, abuse our children and now hold us hostage to getting a new vaccine in order to get our lives back. There’s surely a sickness out there, but it’s NOT C19! And I don’t consider this a conspiracy theory, it’s just basically a summary of your blog, minus the research links.

    And “Everyone needs to get vaccinated unless there is a clear medical reason not to”, how would any group of Guinee Pigs know what that ‘medical reason’ might be until it’s too late? How about, “Unless there’s a medical reason (which we now have plenty data on) not to get the virus, you should rely on your own immune system for much better and complete protection”. Vaccines are for the fragile and medically necessary part of the populace. Oh, but that takes billions out of the big pharma scheme.

    I hope you’re still posting this blog a year from now when the Guinee Pigs are fully aware of their ‘medical reasons’. Maybe by then VAERS will be an honest source of info, death certs (your favorite topic) will be accurate, and the pharmaceutical companies will be liable for their products.

  • Debbie says:

    I’m just catching up on what is normally a daily routine of Healthyskeptic and am a bit dismayed reading these comments. Kevin, you actually said everyone needs to get vaccinated unless there is a medical reason? To get out from under our incompetent leaders who are lording this over us? Wow. I am surprised. I am in agreement with you that there is much misinformation being spread about the vaccines but in fact, they are still in the final phase of trials, the jury is not completely in. Even though it’s looking pretty safe and efficacious. I subscribe to what the GBD docs say is the right approach….if you want the vaccine get, it. If you are in the vulnerable and risky population that needs focused protection, get it. Anyone else, it’s up to you. Children, no, completely unnecessary. Persons who have had Covid and recovered, no. But to say everyone should just get it unless there’s a medical reason not to so we can appease the tyrannts and get our freedom back? I’m dumbfounded. Maybe I am misunderstanding you….

    Don’t mean to start anything up again, sorry I just am reading this now. I will continue to read the blog as I enjoy it very much but just felt I had to add a comment.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I understand. What I said in the podcast was if you want the states of emergency to end, get vaccinated. of course anyone who is concerned should talk to their physician. And ultimately people have to make their own decisions. But let’s be realistic, the people who bought into the terror campaign and hid in their houses outnumber us substantially so the politicians will cater to them. Any excuse, like not enough people are vaccinated, and they will keep us all locked down forever. This is the most depressing part of the epidemic to me, what absolutely fearful people we have become. And the courts have completely abandoned their duty to protect freedom and democracy. I also do think the vaccines are effective and safe, especially the mRNA ones.

      They did complete a full set of phase I, II and III trials. The ongoing trials, which are absolutely typical, are for longer term safety and effectiveness studies, to test if one dose is enough and to test on variants. These are again, typical and for product development and marketing purposes. I ran a clinical trials research organization so I have a pretty good understanding of how this works. Children yes, different calculation. Those who have been infected,pretty clear that one dose of the vaccine will provide a stronger adaptive immune response for them.

      i am above all a realist. I want the emergencies gone, pretty easy choice to me to do the low risk thing and get vaccinated if it helps get there.

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