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Michigan Is the Current Example of a Completely Irrational, Unscientific and Futile Suppression Strategy

By April 9, 2021Commentary

I just want to take a minute to salute Michigan and its moronic Governor for their achievement as the state having the worst current surge.  Now I know that most of this is actually seasonality, but since the Governor has been adamant that masking and closing schools and businesses and banning indoor dining and all kinds of other restrictions would limit transmission, she deserves a special recognition for lunacy.  Go to and look at Michigan under the USA.  Having a case surge almost back to late fall/winter levels.  Deaths also rising but not as fast.  And hospitalizations at the point where people are being asked to skip elective procedures.  How can that be when you when have tried so hard to suppress the virus?  I will tell you how it can be.  All that lunacy you have been engaged in for over a year has no scientific foundation and doesn’t work.  And now they are going to get extra vaccinations.  How will that help?  Those vaccinations aren’t going to show an effect for over a month, really two months.  By then, based on seasonality, the wave will be receding.  But by all means, keep the stupidity up to set an example for other states of what not to do.

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  • Marc says:

    I’m just here to revel in seeing my Incompetent Blowhard governor roasted on Healthy Skeptic.

  • J. Thomas says:

    The true test of stupidity will be whether or not all of these Democratic Governors are re-elected. There needs to be a clear and overwhelmingly Republican sweep at all of the next opportunities at the state levels. Anything less will just validate that the real morons are the citizenry !

  • Rob says:

    I got all sorts of Windows Defender warnings when I tried going to

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