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LTC versus non-LTC Deaths, April 2, 2021 Update

By April 3, 2021Commentary

Another DD chart comparing LTC versus non-LTC deaths.  You can see the trend of LTC being a smaller percent of all deaths.  An adjustment had to be made for the large death dump, and be mindful that the state of Minnesota stubbornly sticks to its idiotic date of report for deaths, instead of date of death.

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  • Rebecca May Hope says:

    We know somebody at the state has to be going back and matching death certificates with lab reports. If we learned nothing else from the 138-deaths data dump, we got clarification on that issue. So the percent of long-term care deaths can be easily manipulated. If it finally occurred to them that jacking up the number of LTC Covid deaths might come back to haunt them someday, they might have decided to lay off the LTC death-matching and focus on the other residence types instead. Who knows? They won’t tell us, so we can only conjecture. What we do know is that these numbers are not generally trustworthy. But thanks for your good work in showing this info.

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