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Time For Minnesota to End the Mask Mandate to Help Flatten the Curve

By March 27, 2021Commentary

Among Upper Midwest states only Minnesota seems to be experiencing a mild, very mild, upswing in cases.  Guess what else Minnesota is the only one of this group of states still enforcing?  Follow the data, the IB says, how about the data in the chart below?  Chart courtesy of covid_clarity on Twitter.

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  • Neil P Baker says:

    Dictators do not follow the science. If everyone printed 10 of these in big bold color and taped them to their favorite grocery, liquor, home goods store maybe we could start a small rebellion.

  • Douglas Kraus says:

    Not that data, follow the very special data from the model. Science.

  • LeeS says:

    Is this cases/100K or absolute numbers. State population would have a lower curve I’d think.

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