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The Neanderthals Are Winning

By March 27, 2021Commentary

You would think panic spreading politicians and public health “experts” would have learned to be cautious before making pronouncements on the epidemic.  But they are truly too stupid and too full of themselves to exercise that modicum of judgment.  Texas is a run by Neanderthals who are going to kill everyone in the state with their epidemic response, or so our inept and senile president said.  The chart below, courtesy ianmsc on Twitter, says it all.  Just another ridiculous claim.  Speaking of which, we are almost done with Dr. Osterheimlich’s 6 to 14 weeks of disaster.  They can all stop talking any time now.

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  • Exactly! And the real “Neanderthal thinking” has LONG come from the modern left:

  • DirtyJobsGuy says:

    Today, Dr. Birx is back claiming huge numbers of deaths could have been prevented by tighter lockdowns. They cannot let this go. The real world data is more complex and not well understood, but clearly lockdowns achieved little anywhere except where the virus was isolated very, very early. Contact tracing seems to have failed utterly as a preventative action. They are caught back in 1919 and the spanish flu, when drug response was in it’s infancy.

  • Carol says:

    The only thing that is disappointing about this is that, at least in my area (Houston), almost every retail outlet and restaurant is still mandating wearing a mask in order to enter. (Restaurants just till you get to your table, as has been the practice most of this time) There have been a couple of places that have posted signs saying a mask is recommended rather than mandatory… they will receive my business as much as possible! Last year when things were hot and humid, most of us were holed up at home so this was not an issue, but yesterday was an 82° day and quite humid … a friend and I were wandering around the outdoor shopping area for a couple of hours. (It was shops next to each other in a shopping village so taking off and putting on the mask between each one was silly because you were only outside for 15 to 30 seconds before going inside the next place) and I suddenly felt dizzy and like I was going to pass out, couldn’t breathe well. I had to rush outside and rip off the mask so I could breathe. My friend said she saw me go white as a sheet before I rushed out. Coincidentally (?), yesterday was the first time in ages I had tried to live “normally” and do things for an extended time wearing a mask. Masks aren’t healthy. They are not comfortable. They make breathing easily very difficult, especially in hot, humid conditions. I’m glad Texas has opened fully, but it really won’t be fully open until businesses stop mandating masks to receive service and I’m afraid that might be a long time.

  • Pamela says:

    I so love reading your posts, emails, etc!!!! You really are one of the very few, of a group of rational, believable, smart people, that actually has a working brain! Keep on doing this needed and enlightening work you do! You stand out apart from the clueless idiots who are ruining our’s sickening and shameful! Term limits is sorely needed in government way to the top!!!!!

  • LeeS says:

    This graph just proves the virus is seasonal – just as Edgar Hope-Simpson said years ago!

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