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LTC Versus Non-LTC Deaths in Minnesota

By March 24, 2021Commentary

Okay, more good work from DD.  Here are the proportions of deaths in Minnesota that were LTC versus non-LTC over time.  Minnesota gives us deaths by date of report, which is really screwed up and DD had to do some adjusting with the 138 deaths dump, but you can see over the last month, that vaccinations appear to be having an impact, with the LTC percent of deaths moving down.  Good news.

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  • Alfred Benoit says:

    Although it appears to be good news, it’s a bit surprising to me that even with only about 4% over 65 having had both doses, the numbers start to switch like that. Keep in mind, actual immunity if you will doesn’t really happen for a few weeks after the second dose. One might even be a bit more vulnerable after just the first dose. Can someone shed more light on this?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      If you have been infected before being vaccinated, the first dose gives you the same protection as two doses in someone who wasn’t infected. The first dose in a previously unprotected person appears to provide some protection. Typically the full adaptive immune response would require several weeks, but this is highly variable in people. Older people would usually have a less fulsome response, due to generally weaker immune systems.

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