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Excess Deaths

By March 16, 2021Commentary

Here is an informative little chart.  It plots age-adjusted total excess deaths, not just CV-19, for a variety of countries and the US states.  This is how many deaths per million population occurred in 2020 and 2021 to date, for most countries, above the expected number.  So not total deaths, just per capita number above expected.  Look who is at the very top, Fauci’s shining example of how to handle an epidemic, New York.   Look where Florida is, why just below the US average, despite doing everything it could to kill its population, according to the media, Fauci, Slavitt, etc.  Minnesota, not too bad, but not great since our IB constantly tells us how we have the best data and have done the best job of handling the epidemic.  Oh my, look at Sweden, way down near the bottom, just barely above Germany, which got lauded for its response.  How the heck did that happen?  If you also minority population adjusted and obesity prevalence adjusted these numbers, Minnesota would look a lot worse.  Thanks to Twitter for the chart.

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