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Never, Ever Believe a Government or an”Expert”

By March 9, 2021Commentary

Not sure where to start with such startling displays of incompetence and malfeasance today.  I just have to mention that our buddy Dr. Osterheimlich just can’t let go of his awful prediction of looming disaster.   This weekend he said we are in the “eye of the hurricane”.  Now we don’t have many hurricanes in Minnesota, so the good Doctor can be forgiven for his lack of knowledge, but you have to go through the hurricane winds to get to the eye and using his metaphor, I don’t believe we have gone through those winds since he made his prediction.  But since he clearly lives in magical fantasyland, and may share the same cognitive issues as his putative boss, we can perhaps forgive him.  Sorry, just occurred to me, another way to get to the eye would be to fly over the top of the storm and then come into the eye, but not sure how that works with his metaphor either.  Maybe it was one of those variant hurricanes.  First we were sitting on the shore watching the hurricane approach, then suddenly, whoosh, we are in the eye!! What’s next?   oooohhh!! Hurricanes often spin off tornadoes and we do have lots of those in Minnesota.  Maybe that is what good old Osterheimlich Maneuver was thinking of.  A tornado of cases!!  We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

The state of Minnesota did an epic made-up death dump today, 138 in total, almost all of which were long-term care.  Most occurred five months or so ago, according to the state, or in the October time frame. The state claims that several naughty labs had failed to report test results, several thousand, of which over 850 were positives.  Out of those 850 positives, we had an amazing 138 deaths, or a 16% CFR.  Wow, that is impressive, haven’t seen that anywhere.  Somehow, among this same set of cases there were only 22 hospitalizations.  The state is blaming the labs, but there is far more to this story than that.  Something very bizarre has gone on with death reporting in Minnesota from the start of the epidemic.  The state refuses to do date of death reporting, intentionally I now believe, so that they can manipulate and play games with death numbers.

You can get date of death reporting from the CDC, but even with today’s bizarre dump, the CDC somehow is reporting more deaths than the state is.  I am truly mystified by that and Scott Johnson has asked a question to try to get at the bottom of this.  The process is completely opaque and the state has refused to provide any details about the actual process for determining a CV-19 death.  It certainly has little to do with clinical causation.  The state claims these new test results suddenly led them to realize there were 138 deaths they somehow missed that were due to CV-19.  That cannot possibly be true.

Death certificates would list CV-19 as a cause of death somewhere on the death certificate, either coded as CV-19 or mentioning coronavirus in text.  The people died, a death certificate was filed, the state presumably examined it or did whatever it does to determine the death should be attributed to CV-19.  If this data dump supposedly adds 138 deaths, the only possible explanation is that the state is engaging in test result matching, which I have long suspected they do.  This involves taking all the death certificates and looking in the test result database to see if there is a positive result.  If there is, typically within 60 days of the death, the death gets attributed to CV-19, although in most cases it is highly unlikely it had anything to do with the death. That is how we now nationally have over 15,000 deaths attributed to CV-19 that actually were accidents, poisonings, suicides, etc.   The state has refused to answer whether it does this, but I am sure they do.  And it is the only explanation for how deaths could get added as they did today.  More sleaze from government, what a surprise.

The last few weeks have seen the state reaching back months to attribute deaths to CV-19, including the one I mentioned earlier this week that went back to April 2020.  I have no idea why they do this, other than a desire to maintain terror and compliance in the population by exaggerating current deaths.  I had to gag because our  Director of Infectious Disease said they are very proud of their data accuracy and transparency.  They hide truly significant information and massage what they do report to support the message.  And our local media never calls them on it.

And the state tried with the variant terrorism again, but the data is pouring in from around the world that the supposedly scary variant is not only not leading to more total cases, but is associated with lower hospitalizations and deaths.  But the state keeps pumping it.

And I mentioned the cases after vaccination terrorism is coming, see this story about a nursing home “outbreak” in a British Columbia nursing home.  (ZH Story)

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  • Corey says:

    Meanwhile, here in ND where our governor lifted the idiotic mask mandate on January 18th, we’re still seeing plummeting cases:

    It’s almost as if the virus ran its course regardless of the half-baked measures these politicians put into place.

    Just this past weekend, we enjoyed our kid’s basketball game with packed stands and then visited a local pizza buffet afterwards (yes, we have open buffets). Nary a mask to be seen in either place and yet we survived! Even our local Walmart is no longer requiring face diapers be worn. We are a free state once again!

  • Paul says:

    It could be worse Kevin, you could be in Quebec. It sounds as though Minnesota is Quebec’s twin but this place is BONKERS at the moment. Very troubling. No end to the mask mandate in site. Francois Legault is the clown supreme on the continent in my view. He’s fully committed to masks and curfews. He combines the absolute worst traits: Incompetence, buffoonery and arrogance. the stupidity that comes out of his mouth is frightening. Same with that idiot ‘doctor’ Arruda. An unelected grunt who talks like he’s a cop. Doom and gloom is all they know. Unreal.

    And the fall to all this is going to be epic.

  • TedL says:

    Did the MDH publish any detail on the 138 tardy death reports and the 22 tardy hospitalization reports? I cannot find a press release or other notice but then I’m not sure where to look. I am looking for a breakdown of the totals by age of the victims. How many were under 60 years old?

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