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The Media Is Completely Biased, What a Shock

By March 6, 2021Commentary

You would like to think we have a media devoted to true journalism, but that hasn’t been the case for decades.  What we have now are a bunch of political sycophants dedicated to one party’s advancement and the other’s destruction.  So we get glowing tributes to Andrew Cuomo’s genius in killing nursing home residents and hiding it and we get lame attempts to disparage Ron DeSantis’ balanced approach, which, gee, let to fewer cases, hospitalizations and deaths per capita and kept people at work and children in school.  Here is another example.  Scientific American, which used to be the leading reputable science publication in the US, but is now a corrupt pile of dog feces, lauded the moronic governor of New Mexico for her brilliant stewardship of the epidemic response.  Seen any retraction of that as cases soared despite the desperate and futile moves, which ended up putting New Mexico in far worse shape than Florida, despite a much younger population.  Thanks to ianmsc on Twitter for the chart.

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  • Margo says:

    Perhaps this information/graph should be sent to Scientific American……….wonder what they’d do with it…..probably nothing…

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