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One More Time on the Mask Comparisons

By March 3, 2021Commentary

I keep thinking I am not going to do anymore of these but sometimes it is just too compelling.  Again thanks to ianmsc on Twitter.  The first chart shows self-reported mask-wearing in the UK and Sweden.  One country clearly must be a CV-19 disaster for being so naughty about mask-wearing.  The second chart clearly shows how much worse the epidemic has been in that country as a result of all that naughtiness.  Right.  Still waiting for the “scientists” and “public health experts” to explain this in light of their constant bleating that masks are the most important single measure to control spread.  The truth is pretty obvious from these charts.


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  • J. Thomas says:

    DeSantis for President ! A ‘Man’ demonstrating courageous and accurate leadership through a very difficult situation. There are apparently not many leaders left. I pray that the political ‘machine’ doesn’t break him and the few others that are out there. This website should replace CNN, game over for the abuse of our citizenry !

  • Matt says:

    Posted to my Facebook with the following comment, which is my prediction of how most of the sheep will actually behave 2-3 years from now. Their feebleness will rewrite their memory and they will tell grand stories of how skeptical they were…
    “”It’s much easier to fool a man than convince him he’s been fooled” or something like that goes the quotation… Most people loathe admitting error, and I don’t expect anyone to. The next best thing would be to lie and say you knew these things all along, denying you ever believed otherwise.”

  • eric blair says:

    The UK second wave is pretty intense. Ivor Cummins noted that the PM of Ireland thinks he can achieve the results of New Zealand with sever lockdowns. I may look like the UK instead.

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