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Little Timmy Walz

By February 24, 2021February 26th, 2021Commentary

I have been reflecting on the hour and a half of video of our underwhelming Governor I watched today, trying to understand his methods and pick up all the non-verbal messages, to understand his fundamental character.  He is overwhelmingly a politician, as you would expect, which means you have no idea what he really thinks or believes, and at this point, neither does he.  He has been a politician too long.  I don’t believe he knows what truth is, only what messaging is.

He is never part of the problem.  He speaks about the legislature, and he means Republicans, always turning everything into politics, about the legislative process being slow, about others not being willing to negotiate or compromise.  The reality is he needs to take a very, very long look in the mirror.  Not only is he never part of the problem, he is never the one unwilling to negotiate or compromise or even consider other perspectives.  If you aren’t going to do exactly what he wants to do, he has no time for your position.  He never takes responsibility for anything.

This stems from a deep-rooted insecurity and lack of confidence in his decisions.  Watch his eyes.  This is not a courageous person.  This is not a person of integrity.  This at his essence is a career government employee and politician who believes money and the ability to deliver votes talks loudest.  He spouts rhetoric about following the data and the science, but he ignores them if they don’t support what he has done or wants to do.  He is terrified to acknowledge mistakes or to show that he might have made a mistake by changing course.  He fundamentally believes talk is the same as action and that is why he talks so much and all that talking is just designed to convince himself that he knows what he is doing.

He cannot make a hard decision.  He made only easy ones, abetted by a friendly, tame media.  Afraid of coronavirus cases and deaths?  He is the man for you, because he will do only what appears to be designed to limit those, even though his actions demonstrably did not have that effect.  The hard decision, instead of ruining a generation of children, would have been to insist that schools stay open.  The hard decision would have been to ignore the herd and do everything he could to keep businesses open and people employed.  The hard decision would have been to resist the urge to give into panic and hysteria, and reassure the population, encourage people not to miss critical life events like getting needed health care and visiting family and loved ones.  No, he always made the easy decision.

Politicians have always been, well, politicians, but they in the past they were occasionally also leaders.  Leaders who were unafraid to speak truth about situations and courses of action; who were unafraid to take responsibility; who could consider all the effects of actions on the entire population and for the long-term;  who understood negotiation and compromise on tactics and programs, but would not  compromise core values essential to the maintenance of a nation based on freedom and individual rights.  Little Timmy is just that, a fundamentally little man, who believes the message of the moment can substitute for an enduring and foundational set of principles, and who lacks any real core character.

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  • Dan Riser says:

    He has to pick on the unborn and the elderly because they cant fight him. They are innocent and vulnerable. What you are seeing is a very hardened heart, dark and immoral.

  • Joseph Lampe says:

    Walz has been a permanent government employee, never had a private sector job with management responsibilities. Has never heard of multivariate analysis or multiple working hypotheses. Knows absolutely nothing about Covid-19, or epidemiology generally. Does not know how to hire good people, and expects MDH personnel to support his predetermined goals. Basically not fit for his position. And has a personality that enjoys inflicting pain while evading any responsibility. Similar to NY Gov Cuomo?

  • Ganderson says:

    I could replace Walz with Baker in this article and it would be just as true.

  • Michael says:

    I watched my own governor today. She was on for only an hour. Change that, and the pronouns and “Timmy” for “Gretch” and it’s no less accurate.

  • James says:

    Exactly. The easiest decision was to shut down everything. Also the dumbest decision.

  • Guy says:

    Brilliant synopsis of Asst. Coach Timmy Walz.

    We love how you bring the data and fair-minded analysis, Kevin.

    But THIS post was needed, and perfectly encapsulates what so many think about this portly little IB demagogue.

    He has earned the ridicule.


  • Chris W says:

    Well said. Sadly, the offices these spineless individuals hold are by definition leadership positions. CV19 has highlighted that “we the people” have unwittingly (or perhaps on purpose) done a poor job of electing individuals who are leaders. The fact that this phenomenon is world-wide is beyond comprehension at one level, but then again most of these folks are indeed just politicians.

  • Rob Johnson says:

    Perfect analysis, Mr. Roche. Tim Jung Walz…what an execrable, detestable person.

  • Ganderson says:

    Guy- a slur on Assistant Coaches everywhere.


    I worked at Medica/Allina for a few years in the 90’S and Jan Malcom was a worthless political hire back then. She is a political hack. If you look at Little Timmy’s website, you will be sickened by all the sheep saying “thank you Tim for keeping us safe.” It is sad to see all the people who are paralyzed by fear of this virus. It was fomented by politicians, and the media and the reaction to it may have killed more than the virus itself (considering the inflated numbers of COVID deaths). Thank you Kevin for your insightful analysis. You are a voice of reason in this whole cabal.

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