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Coronamonomania Thrives in Darkness, Part 1

By February 7, 2021Commentary

I have written well over 300 posts on the epidemic, including two full series of a 100 posts.  I wish this one would not have to last that long.  You will recognize the new series’ title’s play on the motto of America’s Pravda, The Washington Post (I erroneously originally attributed it to the NY Times, thanks to a reader for pointing out the error.  The Times motto, all the news that’s fit to print, is even more of a joke, but not so easily rearranged.  The accurate Times motto would be all the news (real or not) that helps the Democrats.  The accurate Post motto would be We Keep You in Darkness.)  Thanks to the efforts of that paper and the rest of the American media, mass delusion, hysteria, panic and terror have been sown across the country, while rational exposition of facts and scientific research has been completely missing.  While hysteria sells, since the media is largely an arm of one political party, now in the White House, it has conflicting feelings.  It has to serve its master, but wants to make a buck off fear-mongering as well.  Be interesting to see how that plays out over the next few weeks.

And speaking of fear-mongering, charter member of the Axis of Evil, Dr. Michael Osterheimlich maneuver, outdid himself with the wild inaccuracy of his latest doomsday pronouncement.  About a week ago he said the next 6 to 14 weeks would be far and away the worst yet.  Since that dramatic statement, cases and hospitalizations are dropping like a stone.  Thank you Doctor, we can always count on you to be completely out of it, and to be a, well, lagging indicator.  Turns out he meant to say that four months ago.  Oh wait, he did say it then as well.

And I can’t start this series without a nod to that new administration.  Judge people by their actions, not their words.  And in this case you don’t even know what people you are judging since the president is incapable of doing the simplest thing on his own.  All you have to do is see that glassy-eyed stare and stumbling over words when he is trotted out to read off a teleprompter for two minutes every day to know that someone else is pulling the puppet strings.  So far, he has cozied up to China, clear payback for all that money that flowed to Hunter and thence on to all other Bidens; said he will be tough on Russia, also payback for Hunter’s hard work in Ukraine, which is quite adverse to Russia; dumped on our Saudi friends who are trying to create a Middle East where there might actually be a reasonable peace for a few years; hired staffers who are blatant anti-Semites and anti-Israeli; begun the process of giving Iran another few hundreds of billions of dollars to keep developing nuclear weapons, just do it a little slower, pretty please, and that is just in foreign affairs.

Domestically, the pretense of unity and bi-partisanship lasted for 2 nanoseconds, approximately the life span of a coronavirus exposed to UV light.  The great new CV-19 response is basically the same as the old one, other than the CDC feeling more emboldened (see below) to make up data and science and lie in the interest of its political leaders.   And of course we get the payback to the teachers’ unions by refusing to  insist  that schools  open for in-person, actual learning, despite the new CDC data head saying that opening schools is fine.    Uncle  Joe (which was dictator Stalin’s nickname as well) has put a price on children’s lives; for a few million dollars he will destroy the life of every child  in the country.

A completely unnecessary spending package is being prepped to help hapless Democrat governed states.  This unnecessary spending, coupled with the impending regulatory nightmare, will lead to stagflation; for those of you under the age of 50, that is a uniquely pleasant combination of high inflation with low or non-existent economic growth, not seen in this country for decades.  The southern border is wide open again, because we really need more criminals, drug shipments and Iranian terrorists slipping into the country.  And although international arrivals are required to have a negative CV-19 test now, this group is exempt.  But don’t fear, Susan Rice is the new racist in chief and will make sure that everything that the government does is based solely on people’s skin color, ethnicity, sex, multiple genderness, and lack of religiousity, in all of which cases you are also in line for some “equity”.   Sooner  or later it will become apparent that these policies are a spiral to the  bottom, we will all be equal, just equally without equity.    As I said before, while not really wishing it to happen, best to have the nut cases in charge, pulling the strings and people seeing the insanity of these policies and their impact quickly, so we can move on.  And move on we will.

I mentioned the CDC, here is its latest exercise in misleading mask propaganda.  Unlike the Barcelona contact tracing study, where people’s mask wearing behavior was correlated with likelihood of transmission in specific cases, and no correlation was found, here the CDC purports to compare performance before and after statewide mask mandates in regard to hospitalization rates.  (CDC Paper)   Once again, why use a mandate when actual mask-wearing behavior data is available.  As is usually the case, the study has been shredded far better than I can do by several commentators on Twitter, but the first thing to check with any of these CDC studies on masks is the time period used.  And as per the standard agency operating procedure, we see a blatant attempt to select a time period which makes it looks like mask mandates were associated with a case decline, and when extended, the association disappears.  Same as the absurd Kansas study the agency published.  And according to the results, somehow the virus knows the age of people in state’s with mask mandates, because hospitalization declined first among older adults, then younger adults.  And although most hospitalizations are among the elderly, no effect occurred there.  But the really stupid mistake made is the mis-classification of some states as having or not having a mandate.  Can’t even get that right.  All I really need to say is that the insipid weakness of these studies tells you everything about how non-existent the case for mask effectiveness is.

And that is all for the first in this series, because the main message you should get is that we are even more officially living in a country where the government will feel free to lie and make up “data” and “science” to justify its actions and coverup mistakes.  And as always, money talks, so schools will stay closed and our children will continue to be devastated.

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  • Emmett DeMundi says:

    Thanks for another good commentary. One minor correction. The American Pravda to which you allude is The Washington Post, whose motto (and also its operating principle) is “Democracy dies in darkness.” Pravda (“The Truth”) was one of the official Soviet newspapers, while Izvestia was the other. People in Moscow used to joke that “Pravda nyeh Izvestia, y Izvestia nyeh Pravda” (The truth isn’t news, and the news isn’t truth). The same might be said of our kakistocracy-controlled news media. The New York Times corresponds to Izvestia.

  • Debbie says:

    Love the new name! Sad we are still in this mess. But, your research is a bright spot in my day, thanks again, Kevin. And so we carry on…

  • Alex says:

    ‘May they rot in hell’ is a good title too. I think your summation of the reversal of Trump’s outstanding foreign policy work is accurate. He boxed Iran in much to the relief of Arab countries. So much so, it opened the door to four landmark peace treaties with Israel. Trump’s non-interventionist instinct was also a welcomed changed in American foreign policy and his assessment of China was 100% correct. Domestically, the economy was on a path to send America into a golden age. And then….mass hysteria hit and a possible rigged election. Joe Biden is just a hoodlum when you scratch the surface and exudes laughable weakness. He’s even more feeble than the clown we have up here in Trudeau. My Lord Canada and USA are in terrible hands at the moment. Let’s see. We’re critical of both governments and the Covid-19 measures. Why, that must make us far-right, racist, extremists who hate old people.

  • Alex says:

    Before I forget, but don’t look now but the activists that now edit Wikipedia are writing hit pieces on doctors who buck the Wuhan virus narrative. For example, take a look at the hit entry of Dr. Bhakdi. Germany’s most decorated and cited microbiologist:

    Also notice a cyber security expert – the new darlings of media – called him a ‘debunked credentialed expert.’ I swear, Nineteen-Eighty Four has arrived.

  • Stacey Atneosen says:

    Love your honest take on all of the lies we are being fed to keep us scared and alone. Thank you for illuminating the truth with scientific facts. I also enjoy your take on our beloved IB.

  • Kathleen M Carroll says:

    I am also very skeptical of the statistics. The 96 year old mother of one of my closest friends died 2 weeks ago. She had been in ill health and on hospice for a year and further depressed because her nursing home will not allow in person visits (a policy changed in November so long as the visitor geared up with enough bio-hazard wear that they could have removed nuclear fuel rods). She was suffering from dysphagia (inability to swallow). She received her first COVID vaccine in late December and the next week received a COVID positive test. She was completely asymptomatic but died the next week. Cause of death on her death certificate? You guessed it – COVID. She simply died of old ago. She had been dying for months. My friend can’t get anyone to help her get the death certificate changed. Lumping all these elderly people in as COVID deaths skews the rate of actual death from the disease and validates the feeling that we are being lied to.

  • michael schrage says:

    thanks for this…but could you please link to cdc paper critiques….i tried reading it and, while i have a decent stats background – it read like a pig’s breakfast of assumptions and constructed correlations….my thanks

  • Bruce Berris says:

    Eminent Dr Oesterholm, he of the 55,000 MN deaths estimate, now says we should delay the second immunization dose so that resistant strains can spread more effectively and kill more people. He is obviously working towards that 55,000 number.

  • Dan Smith says:

    For a NYTish motto I propose “All the news that fits the Narrative we print.”

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