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A Few Catch-up Observations

By January 25, 2021Commentary

Returning from Florida.  Nice weather for a Minnesotan, a little more normal although most stores still requiring those pointless masks and there are a few nuts who wear them on the beach or while biking on paths.  But nice to go to restaurants with no capacity limits and to even hear live music once in a while.  And Florida is managing to have real school and few restrictions and do a great job vaccinating, with a death toll not much higher than Minnesota’s, in a much older population.

I will be issuing a lot of updated charts in a day or so and doing a big catchup on research.  Just a few observations first.

I don’t know what is going on but first Biden says last week that there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the epidemic.  Then over the weekend administration officials said he we are heading into a very dark period.  Nothing in the data supports this.  In fact, even in states like California, cases and hospitalizations are abating.  You have to be suspicious that we are being set up for something but I don’t know what.

I have listened to the various briefings, including those by the IB from my hiatus to Florida.  Almost everything was dominated by vaccine talk.  Minnesota has clearly experienced one of the worst rollouts in the country and the state is coming up with one lame and complex explanation after another for this.   Just another example of the incompetence which has marked the response from start to finish.  The state had many, many months to plan for the vaccination program and clearly did a terrible job.  The absurd focus on “equity” is one reason for this.  The IB as usual blames everyone but himself for the incompetence and spreads a lot of lies and misinformation along the way.  We heard a little on how we still need all kinds of testing which only produces untrustworthy results.  We heard about contact tracing, an abysmal failure in large part because of the excessive testing.  Meanwhile, in the real world, the IB’s actions have resulted in Minnesota’s health care workforce actually shrinking in the last year.

Our new president has been in office for less than a week and boy has he accomplished a lot, although let’s be honest, he isn’t making any decisions, he is just signing what they hand him.  And he is sticking to the rigorous schedule he displayed during the election, working at least one hour a day.  Here is a list of some of those deeds.

Ruin the US energy industry, destroy tens of thousands of good jobs, raise gas and utility prices, deprive states of needed tax revenue, put us back in the clutches of our friendly Mideastern friends and the Russians and create a likelihood of blackouts or brownouts.  (Excuse me, multiracial whiteness outs.)

Give federal workers, who are overpaid and who face no consequences for not doing their jobs, a further pay raise, in thanks to getting 90% of their votes and campaign contributions.  Try  to force federal contractors to do the same.

Open the border floodgates, ensuring access to criminals, drug distributors and those who will take jobs from American citizens and residents who are legally here.

Raise the minimum wage everywhere, eliminating jobs for minority and low-income teenagers and young adults.

Appoint every form of incompetent whack job to important positions, depending solely on their skin color, ethnic background, gender or lack thereof, or how much they contributed to sabotaging the prior administration.

Set a new educational priority of ensuring that biological males can use girls’ restrooms in schools and can compete with girls in sports if they feel kind of girlish on any particular day.

Begin to pay back the Chinese for all the money they gave Hunter, by allowing Chinese companies to be responsible for the US power grid.  No reason to think there might be any problems there.

Send troops back to the Middle East, because God knows, we have not spent enough money or lives in that forsaken part of the world.

And in the second hour of every day, he rested, but was incapable of beholding his works or saying if they were good or bad, because he knoweth not what is being done.  #hailtothepuppet   #whoispullingmystringstoday

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  • Dan says:

    With all of the immigrants heading this way, I would imagine they will bring more cases and infect others. Could be the dark period but you think they would see that. Agenda means more to them than human life ie abortion and the elderly.

  • Johnnie Johnsen says:

    I just can’t believe that that may people disliked Trump so much they would vote for someone who said he was going to raise Taxes, open the border and put the screws to the petroleum and natural gas industries. I know that the educational system is indoctrinating and not teaching students and hopefully we are not at the tipping point!

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