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The US is Turning into China, Voluntarily

By January 10, 2021Commentary

China is a completely authoritarian country, where a small group of people determines what everyone should think and say and how they must behave.  This is enforced by a comprehensive technological monitoring system that tracks everywhere that people go, who they meet with, everything they say or do online, all their activities.  People are categorized by how compliant they are and punished or rewarded accordingly.  In the US we have voluntarily allowed the complete ideological corruption of every important institution to a neutral and fair administration of government and public life.  And we are allowing a few technology and social media companies to enforce the same system of rewarding or punishing what people say or do.  Welcome to a totalitarian society.  And the epidemic is a perfect example of this, anyone who doesn’t agree with the views of a few so-called experts and political leaders is ostracized and punished.

We can’t be discouraged, we have to wake up every day and say we are going to do everything in our power to fight this, to restore freedom, true diversity of thought and speech, and the avoidance of mob rule.  We need to spend the money and support political candidates who will fight the ideological dominance of big tech companies.  Those companies need to be broken into small pieces and deprived of any ability to determine what is provided on their platforms.  It is pretty clear which group of people in this country are the true fascists and authoritarians, and they have zero self-awareness or ability to self-critique their actions.  They have to be defeated.  Now the good news is that this group of people is also completely economically incompetent and will quickly send the country into an inflationary, no growth spiral that will make tens of millions of people question why they give any power to these idiots.  But we can’t stop fighting and I certainly won’t.

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  • Joseph Lampe says:

    You have accurately identified the problem. Solutions are very difficult and perhaps impossible if suppression of free speech succeeds.
    The founders were concerned about government suppression of speech, but the current challenge is near total suppression by private entities.
    The era of Robber Barons is back, but this time with power and leverage vastly greater than earleir oligarchs had in their wildest imagination.

  • Emily Berkness says:


  • M. McRae says:

    Well said!

    Furthermore, it’s not unique to the US, it is a global movement—which is all the more alarming.

    The Chinese model of governance seems fetching to much of our elite.

  • MLR says:


  • Doug Young says:

    Pretty much every weekend since June, I have been collecting signatures to recall our governor here in California. And I’m a Democrat. Just can’t put up with the authoritarian dictates that Newsom (He also has ties to China, and signed of on a billion dollar mask deal w/a Chinese company many months before universal masking was a thing), just like your IB, spews out on a weekly basis. Have also met many great people of all political stripes by being out on the front lines. Of course here in super-liberal San Francisco, I get some hate, but that’s part of the battle.

  • David says:

    Not much in the way of encouragement but think back 20 years ago or so. People have gotten lazy and conditioned to Instant Gratification. Remember Newspapers? Remember waiting for the mail. Remember going to a local store rather then next day delivery. Choices we have made brought us here. The good news is we can choose another path. Dare we…..

  • Tom says:
    I haven’t signed up for this yet but I enjoy Pam Popper’s videos and ideas. Anyone else tracking this?

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