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Yes, Masks Can Cause Problems, Especially for Children

By January 4, 2021Commentary

It should be obvious to anyone who looks at charts of cases and levels of mask wearing or presence of mask mandates that virus collection devices do nothing to limit community spread of CV-19, absolutely nothing.  But in case you are thinking “well, what harm can it do”, at least in the case of children, the answer is probably a lot.  I am not convinced in general that extended mask wearing is without physical and health consequences, and I think it is possible they contribute to spread by collecting and concentrating pathogens.  This study from Germany was designed to assess the effect of mask-wearing on children.   (Ger. Study)   A registry was set up for parents, teachers and doctors to report issues around mask-wearing by children.  The registry was used for over 25,000 children at the time of this analysis.  The study is subject to the usual bias limitations of self-reported data. Average mask wearing was over 4 1/2 hours a day.  Very significant effects were identified by 68% of parents.  60% reported irritability, 53% headache, 50% difficulty concentrating, 49% less happiness, 44% a reluctance to go to school, 42% malaise, 38% impaired learning and 37% drowsiness or fatigue.  Sounds great, right.  As the authors note, given the extremely low risk to children and their limited role in transmission, this issue should be taken seriously and at a minimum further research should be undertaken to determine if there is actually any value to requiring children to wear masks.

The answer to me is obvious.  What we are doing to children in all respects in regard to the epidemic is state-sanctioned, indeed forced, child abuse.

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  • James Van Guilder says:

    What about studies where kids will be wearing masks for sports? I’m a hockey coach and Minnesota Hockey is going along with the mask requirement based on what I’m guessing is no studies. The local association tells us to not make the kids skate too hard in practice.

  • Ellen says:

    Kids continue to be lab rats. Testing vaccines: there’s never been double-blind-inert-placebo tested vaccines; 1986 law is just that pharma has full immunity; testing has never happened; kids get vaccine injured all the time, but the parents are ignored. Now KIDS have been “privileged” to test the masks. What a reprobate nation we’ve become.

  • dell says:

    In addition to the huge % having serious issues, what strikes me were the symptoms of oxygen deprivation: headache, concentrating, malaise, impaired learning, and drowsiness or fatigue.

    Don’t mask studies report air intake is reduced about 20%? Young rapidly growing brains need all the air they can get and not getting it would certainly give the results seen in this study.

    For example, 81% had problems outside the schoolroom. This could imply they were playing, physically more active and had greater oxygen demands.

    I would have liked to have seen this made a part of the study -easily done by using other mask studies.

  • dell says:

    I see the study recognized some of the air-intake issues.

    “The often mentioned headaches and concentration difficulties should be seriously explored in their importance for cognitive development.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    Communication and isolation issues matter. Humans of all ages take their social cues from facial expressions, and those cues are zip with masks on. That’s especially harmful for children. And masks are anti-human, separating us from others and not allowing easy recognition, suitable for thieves and terrorists only.

  • St Paulite says:

    Pioneer Press had an article Dec. 31 about young Wisconsin athletes who were playing with masks. Seems similar to the restricted breathing workouts we did as young swimmers decades ago – something that we later learned is dangerous. The article mentions a young athlete saying that at first, even when she was breathing, nothing was happening. She would get light-headed and not feel well. “The first week I was so upset over having to wear a mask,” she said. “I was, like, ‘I can’t breathe ever. It’s just so hard.’ ” Likewise a basketball team had to take countless breaks during the first week of practice to allow players to catch their breath. Sounds like hypoxia to me.

    Apparently these kids acclimate but what does that mean? A healthy adult can, I supposed, get used to getting less oxygen (think altitude training) but I’m not sure this is a good thing for kids or for the general population, many of which have health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, COPD etc.

  • Patrick says:

    I live in a twin cities suburb and refuse to wear a mask anywhere. I dropped a health club membership because the nazi’s there require you to wear the stupid things all the time. I signed up somewhere else who does a wink wink, we don’t require them if you have a medical condition. They sold me right there!! 😀
    Everyone please stand up to the mask nazi’s and stop wearing these stupid masks!!

    In my opinion if the opportunistic media and governors of this country would have never hyped this as a “pandemic”, this would’ve been treated as just another typical upper respiratory viral cold!


    Tom Hauser Newscaster in MPLS – “As a follow-up to a question I asked on an MDH call last week, they got back to me on latest stats on how many Minnesotans who’ve died of COVID-19 had a significant underlying health condition. The current numbers are 94% yes; 4% unknown and 2% no. About 70% in long-term care.”
    We have killed or seriously wounded hundreds of small businesses in this state to protect a significant minority of Minnesotans who could and should have taken fairly severe precautions. Those of us at low risk could have supported these citizens and many of us would have. Instead we are lied to and confined when our risk was very very low (about the same odds of winning the MN lottery in a big way) of having any major symptoms or death. Jan Malcom and Chris Ehresmann and our Governor Walz lied and kept back information that could have set up a system to save thousands of lives and instead went out and just told us how horrible this was going to be for all of us. They have known this information for months and kept it to them selves to increase their power over us.
    Walz and his crew have blood on their hands.

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